He refused to come out of this tube at the playground for quite some time. We went to a Lowell Spinners baseball game last weekend and she was desperate to catch a t-shirt as they were tossing them to the crowd, one didn’t even come near us, oh well.

Ribbon Hair Accessory DIY

I have another great DIY craft for you today using Offray ribbon. Last month I made some hair bows, but sometimes you want something a little less dramatic for your little one’s (our your) hair so I came up with this super easy, super cute idea for a simple ribbon hair accessory made with aContinue reading “Ribbon Hair Accessory DIY”

The Most Flattering Bathing Suit – EVER

I am known to exaggerate a tad for the benefit of a good story, but I promise you the title of this post is no exaggeration. I also must be up front and let you know that I did not discover this flattering bathing suit on my own, it was my friend Amelia who letContinue reading “The Most Flattering Bathing Suit – EVER”


We’ve been doing lots of scoots and walks around the neighborhood to combat that evil late afternoon/pre-dinner insane time of day. She scoots while he… …sits way forward in the stroller so he doesn’t miss a thing!