Babbo Boston and a Few Other Things

I have been off my blogging game lately, which is funny since I spent last Saturday at Blog Better Boston‘s Blog Beautiful Conference. It was great learning tips, seeing some blog friends (Christine and Noelle among others…), and meeting some new Boston Bloggers. It was a great event with topics such as taking better foodContinue reading “Babbo Boston and a Few Other Things”


A weekly photo of my children for one year. Boy does this girl keep me on my toes! Here she is when I asked her to pose with this giant red circle at Target. Not to be outdone, this little one is evvvvvverywhere lately – exploring, crawling, scooting, and investigating!

How to Eat Out with Young Kids

We got a (very hard to get) reservation to try Mario Batali’s newly opened Babbo Pizzeria e Enoteca for Saturday (early) evening and we are SO excited to try it. When I have been sharing the news with folks everyone has asked if we got a babysitter. No, we’re bringing the munchkins! We eat outContinue reading “How to Eat Out with Young Kids”


A weekly portrait of my children for one year. First time in the umbrella stroller! First week of soccer and she loved it! She keeps talking about practicing so she can get better, she’s never taken anything so seriously as this.

Margherita Kids by Margherita Missoni

Have you seen the adorable new line of clothes from Margherita Missoni (of the Missoni family)? It’s very sweet. I found out about the line from the article in the March issue of Vogue, read a portion of it here. It was a sweet article basically saying that since Margherita has had her son (heContinue reading “Margherita Kids by Margherita Missoni”