Thai Chicken Curry Recipe


When we order out for Thai, a massaman curry is almost always a part of our order. We love the light curry sauce with crunch of a nut. It’s a very difficult recipe to replicate at home but low-and-behold I found a great recipe in the same issue of Cooks Illustrated that I found the shrimp fra diavolo in. The recipe starts by actually teaching you how to make a curry paste and with much research and trial and error they made this recipe seamless and relatively simple. You can read in the notes before the article the process the chef went into when determining the ingredient measurements, timing of when to add ingredients, and every other (small or large) detail of the recipe.


Needless to say, this recipe is tested and approved! And we couldn’t agree more. No need to order out anymore, just make the Thai Chicken Curry recipe from Cooks Illustrated when you have your next curry craving – enjoy!

Easter Outfits!

Easter is April 5 – just 2 1/2 weeks away! It’s too bad the holiday is so early this year because I know we’ll still have feet of snow on the ground, which will certainly make for an interesting Easter egg hunt, huh? Either way, I still enjoy dressing (and dressing my kids) in spring outfits for the holiday and have put together their outfits already this year. Check out below what Z will be wearing on Easter Sunday! And we’ll be visiting the Easter bunny this weekend so watch for an update on my Instagram account.


1. I found the dress first, then the shoes, and then wanted a coordinating cardigan. There was one at the GAP I liked but it sold out quickly so we opted for this little pointelle knit cardigan from Old Navy.

2. I found this adorable yellow and white striped dress at Zara and knew I could make it into Z’s Easter dress and then she could wear it all summer.

3. I found gloves, hat, and basket purse at the Target dollar section but you can similar here.

4.White tights! An Easter dress staple.

5. Lilac is a color of the season and I thought something purple would pair nicely with the yellow dress so when I saw these Mini Melissa Ultragirl Bow shoes at Nordstom I knew they were it. Mini Melissa shoes are so adorable and comfy for your toddler and come with a sweet, bubble gum smell!


Ps. Here Easter outfit last year and the year before.

Lucky Pot of Gold St. Patrick’s Day Cookies


If you’re looking for an easy way to whip up a special dessert for St. Patrick’s Day next week – making these Lucky Pot of Gold cookies is how! My Z asks to bake cookies for every holiday no matter what we’re celebrating, like I’m going to have to buy a tree-shaped cookie cutter for Arbor Day. Sometimes we make Rice Krispie treats instead (examples for Valentine’s Day and Easter) but this time I decided to jazz up a classic and add some M&Ms to our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. But the trick here is to make your cookies into┬áLucky Pot of Gold cookies by decorating most of the cookies in green M&Ms and just a couple with yellow M&Ms. Whoever picks the one with the yellow M&Ms gets the luck! Cute, right? Easy, yes!


I made the recipe as written (using chocolate chunks instead of chips, though) and then added the M&Ms to the top of the scooped cookie dough before baking to make the colors obvious. You could mix the M&Ms into the batter if you want a more discrete look for finding the Lucky Pot of Gold (yellow M&M) cookie, just take out enough batter for 2 or 3 cookies before mixing in the green M&Ms and use that to mix with the yellow M&Ms.


Good luck picking your cookie and enjoy!

PS. A great DIY t-shirt idea and free printable to make your own iron-on St. Patrick’s Day shirt!


9-52-MWe both love Tuesdays when Z is at school and we go to baby bootcamp just the 2 of us.


Despite being sick Tuesday night, she had such a great week, this smile says it all.

Shrimp Fra Diavolo


At a little seafood restaurant in Newport, RI called Scales & Shells they serve the very best ever shrimp fra diavolo – technically it’s seafood fra diavolo (with lobster tail) for 2 and it is just phenomenal. You get tons of fish but it’s the sauce that you remember, it’s the best with just a touch of spice and they serve it over linguini. It’s the type of dish that you find yourself thinking about weeks later remembering just how good it was. In fact, a man I used to work with told me he and his wife used to get in the mood for Scales & Shell’s fra diavolo and make the round-trip hour-plus drive for dinner to satisfy their very specific craving, it’s that good.


Fra diavolo is a tricky recipe to make at home to get the right flavors – spice, tomato, fishy flavor (in a good way) and is usually best to order out. However, I recently bought an issue of America’s Test Kitchen with the top recipes of 2015 and they shared the shrimp fra diavolo recipe from Cooks Illustrated. It was the first (of many) recipes we’ve tried and it’s a good one. The recipe is slightly complicated and laborious (cooking the shrimp shells in the tomatoes to add a deeper flavor, for example) but it so worth it. We served our shrimp fra diavolo with crusty bread as the recipe recommended and it was certainly a meal to remember. Let me know if you try it!