Toddler Craft Project – Construction Paper Salad

For March’s toddler craft for our local Baby Bootcamp Stroller Friends play date the theme was vegetables since a rep from a local farm was coming to teach the kiddos about vegetables and “eating a rainbow,” so I had to think of something veggie-friendly for our craft. Then I thought if you ask any toddlerContinue reading “Toddler Craft Project – Construction Paper Salad”


My husband put the Sophia the First soundtrack on my very old (first ever, actually) iPod and she sat and listened to it bopping around, sometimes singing, and occasionally dancing. She also kept touching the tiny screen because she’s used to her iPad. #oldtechnology Borrowing my new book.  

DIY Embellished Baseball Cap

Ever have a broken statement necklace that is beyond repair and looking to do something with it? DIY embellished baseball cap, my friends! I’ve had this necklace from Ann Taylor for years and wore it with a million different things until one day it snapped – the necklace part was quite thin silver with moreContinue reading “DIY Embellished Baseball Cap”