Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is all the rage – it’s so convenient and let’s you go a day or 2 without washing your hair – normally I am a wash every day kind of girl which I know is a no-no. I mean these days, I’m lucky to get a shower in let a lone proper time to shampoo and condition. Anyway, I have always found it helpful to read reviews and tips of what dry shampoo to use (dry shampoo is so expensive and therefore not something you really want to keep experimenting with) so I thought I’d pass along my thoughts on my current favorite dry shampoo.


Toni & Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo. I bought it at CVS but of course it’s available for slightly cheaper on Amazon. It smells great and really actually does what it says it does – absorbs the grease of your hair and makes it clean without washing. I tell you, this has been a Godsend for me – it’s the first dry shampoo I’ve tried that doesn’t make me feel like I need to wash my hair immediately.

What dry shampoo do you use?


Pumpkin Pie


We love all (ok, most) things pumpkin in this house so you know that when Thanksgiving rolls around it’s all about the pumpkin pie! We’re traveling for Thanksgiving this year so we made our own pie from scratch over the weekend. And then I had an idea…. if I ever had to say something bad about pumpkin pie it’s that there is no top crust and I love crust. So! I decided to use my mini leaf cookie cutters (similar) to create a dramatic topping for our pumpkin pie. Here’s how I did it…


I baked the pie as usual using the recipe on the side of the can of Libby’s pumpkin. You cook a pumpkin pie at a higher temp for about 15 minutes then reduce it to cook another 40 minutes. While the pie was cooking at the higher temp, I used my mini leaf cookie cutters to cut out leaves.


Once the pie had cooked at the higher temp and about 15 minutes at the lower temp, I took it out and arranged my leaves (you want the custard to firm up a bit to support your leaves). I arranged them to overlap a bit to get nearly full-coverage, but it’s totally up to you. I used a little egg-wash on top to make sure it browned, too!


It ended up being a spectacular pumpkin pie…


…especially with a dollop of freshly whipped cream!

Toddler Craft Project – Turkey Napkin Ring


I am an avid member of the Woburn/Winchester¬†Baby Boot Camp franchise – a fabulous way for moms to get fit! You work out in a boot camp-style class with your kids while they are strapped in their stroller (usually with tons of snacks). It’s an excellent workout and ends up being very social; the kids are all friends, the moms are all friends, you get the idea. We even go a step further and have monthly mom’s night out and play dates. Recently, I was named Stroller Friends mom of my franchise which basically means we’ll have a formal play date each month and I will create a toddler-friendly craft. This month, in honor of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d have everyone put together a Turkey Napkin Ring and also share the how-to with you here!


For this craft you’ll need construction paper, scissors, glue stick, feathers, 1/2 of a toilet paper roll, and the hand of your favorite toddler or baby. Trace your toddler’s hand and cut out. Decorate with feathers and don’t forget to draw a little face! Staple the 1/2 of a toilet paper roll to the back of the feathered hand.


Voila! A napkin ring for your toddler’s place-setting at the Thanksgiving table. Gobble, gobble!


*Let me know if you’re interested in trying Baby Boot Camp – your first class is always free!

What to Wear for your Holiday Photos

I got a couple emails asking about our outfits in the holiday photos I shared earlier this week so I thought I’d put together a post of what the kids wore. I always love to put together holiday outfits for Z and was so excited to now have Baby M this year and the challenge of finding coordinating outfits for them – not too matchy patchy but definitely meant to go together. The first step was finding Z’s dress. She is really into girlie, frilly dresses lately and when I saw this dress by Joyfolie on super clearance on Gilt (I got it for less than $10!) I knew that was her Christmas dress. I also knew I wanted Baby M to be all gussied up in suspenders and a bowtie because, well, what’s cuter than that? So then I found this amazing woman on etsy who makes bows, bowties, and knits beautiful scarves (one of her scarves is definitely on my Christmas list this year!). I loved the tomato plaid for a pretty red and placed my order. I changed out the pink ribbon for red on Z’s dress and then found red sweaters for them both. And well, you know the rest – you’ve seen the photos! Ps. Hover below for links! You probably know that, but thought I’d share as the linked words are not quite as obvious on my new blog design.



1. Red Cardigan crewcuts. 2. Hair bow Lululuvs etsy shop. 3. Dress Joyfolie (from Gilt). 4. Glittery shoes Nordstrom (very similar). 5. Cable knit tights Old Navy.



1. Pants with suspenders H&M (similar). 2. Bowtie Lululuvs etsy shop. 3. White Button down shirt babyGAP. 4. Shawl-Collar Red Cardigan Old Navy. 5. Herringbone Robeez Amazon (similar).

Family Photos


There’s nothing better than getting family photos taken – capturing that moment in time forever. A friend of mine recently introduced me to Heather from Heather Maloney Photography. We met her Saturday morning to get some pictures taken and we couldn’t be more thrilled with how they turned out! Heather is so sweet, friendly, and immediately made us all feel at ease in front of the camera.


She’s a mom of 3 herself so she knows just how to capture your little ones…


And get great smiles out of them.


It was cold so Daddy turned into a hand warmer!


She has great suggestions on her website on what to wear to your session so you coordinate but aren’t overly matchy.


Heather is generously offering a special mini session to get your holiday photos taken! The mini sessions will be 30 minutes long next Sunday, November 23 at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline (where we took our photos). You’ll get all the digital images (minimum of 10) so you can make beautiful holiday cards and/or sit and stare at the photos all day like I’ve been doing! Drop Heather a note on the “Contact” tab on her website. She also specializes in newborn photos so all you new and soon-to-be parents book her now!


Thanks Heather!

*Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary session for this post, however all above opinions and thoughts are my very own. And I think these fabulous photos speak for themselves, right?

Thanksgiving Survival Guide

The holidays are wonderful – seeing family, traveling (mostly long road trips), eating a lot of good food, having tons of plans! But they can also be really difficult for the exact same reasons. I put together a little list of some ideas for a Thanksgiving Survival Guide so you can hopefully stay a little more sane this holiday season. Enjoy and tell me how you survive!


1. The perfect Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece ideas from Better Homes and Gardens.

2. Lullabies for the kiddos to fall asleep to in the car that won’t drive you mental – we love Rockabye Baby‘s rendition of Coldplay (but they come in tons of artists).

3. Car travel games like SpotIt so everyone stays happy on the lonnnnng car rides.

4. (Almost) Homemade Thanksgiving decor for your front door.

5. A great pumpkin pie recipe from good ‘ol Libby’s.

6. A unique card from Treat by Shutterfly to mail (or email!) to all those friends and family members you won’t be able to visit on Thanksgiving! Don’t forget WHY we’re all sitting down and eating turkey together, express your thanks to loved ones in a thoughtful, personalized card.

7. And last but not least… a list of recipes from the Food Network to use up those leftovers!

Simple At-Home Curry Recipe


Sometimes you need a little something special for dinner even if you don’t have any extra time to make it. We get bored with the same old, same old and every once in a while will make a more ethnic dish to literally spice it up. Making curry at home is so easy now because curry powder and paste can be found at most regular grocery stores. We based our recipe on this Simple Vegetable Curry Recipe from Martha Stewart. We omitted the cauliflower (I love it, husband hates it – marriage is compromise, right?) and added shrimp. We also used brown rice in place of white because we honestly don’t even own white rice these days, I do think the sauce would taste best over white rice though, if you have it.

Simple-At-Home-Curry-Recipe-1Hopefully buying a jar of red curry paste for one recipe will inspire you to make curry more often! Also, I would suggest getting regular coconut milk to make sure your sauce thickens properly (we only bought light coconut milk because that’s all they had at our store).


We added the shrimp at the point in the recipe when you add the chick peas but you could add cooked chicken at that point too.


This was a good one – enjoy!

Holiday Winter Travel

Raise your hand if you’re traveling at all with the upcoming holidays!!!!

I haven’t done an outfit post like this in forever – honestly I love doing them but they take a long time to put together and with 2 wee ones who seem to always be in need, my time is not my own and certainly not this blog’s either… BUT! I’ve had my eye on a few things online that I really wanted to share so I decided to round up a little outfit for any upcoming holiday travel you may have this winter.¬† What will you be wearing?


1. Madewell linen Telegraph tee in stripe (on sale!); 2. Layer Love Necklace from Dogeared; 3. J. Crew Chateau Parka in neon electric flame; 4. Fingerless gloves from Zara; 5. Spanx faux leather leggings from Nordstrom; 6. J Slides Fltecher Sneakers from Anthropologie; 7.kate spade Saturday Weekender bag in Gold Dot.

A Yummy Way to Eat Your Veggies


In honor of today – the last day of our annual CSA subscription, I thought I’d do a post on eating veggies. We signed up for our first CSA a few years ago for a number of reasons including forcing us to eat more, different, and in season vegetables. And we love it! I will say, there is a lot of pressure to use all the veggies every week and we’re not big on smoothies and we don’t own a juicer so we actually EAT the veggies and incorporate them mostly into our dinners.

fun-with-veggies-1I would say about once a week during our CSA we have some variation of this meal idea where we stir fry, roast, or saute a ton of veggies and serve over a little rice or noodles. My husband and daughter are pretty major carnivores so we always have a protein with it, too – beef, shrimp, pork, etc…


Recently though, we hopped over to our local HMart Asian grocery store and bought a new secret weapon for this sort of meal….


The soba noodles are so good and make this meal end up feeling like a treat instead of a way to eat a million vegetables. On this particular night we used the sauce recipe from this Orange Beef and Broccoli recipe. Just a tip I thought I’d share! How do you incorporate more veggies into your diet?