Couple Things…

childrens-museumhydrangeasice-creamstainssparklers tuna-appetizer

We went to Boston’s Children’s Museum this week as part of our Summer of Us fun. The best part? The Arthur green screen room when Z was IN an episode!

Hydrangeas in bloom.

Summer = ice cream dripping down your fave shirt and not caring one bit…

Speaking of… obviously we have a lot of laundry with the addition of a newborn to our family, but this is a photo of where I per-treat stains. Kids. are. messy.

We let Z stay up to watch belated fourth of July fireworks one night, she loved them and now asks to watch fireworks almost every day.

The most amazing tuna tartar appetizer.


Have a great weekend all!

Summer of Us – Go Fly a Kite

Last summer when we took Z to our favorite park to fly a kite, she had a blast. We knew this year would be even better now that she’s older and could (potentially) fly a kite on her own so we added to our Summer of Us list. Over the long holiday weekend we paid a visit to Brenton State Park to fly a kite!


Getting the kite ready…


…Daddy helping to get it in the air…


…and flying the kite all on her own – success!


A few notes if you go this summer:
– Brenton Point State Park is on Ocean Drive in Newport, RI where Narragansett Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. It’s easily a day trip drive from Boston, about an hour and 30/45 minutes.
– It’s a great kite park because of the winds because of its location right on the ocean. Be prepared with a sweatshirt or sweater, it can be chilly there even on the hottest summer days.
– There are public restrooms available during park hours (sunrise to sunset) from Memorial Day through Halloween.
– Bring a picnic along with your kite and make a day of it. There are quite a few places to get great take-out lunch in Newport, a few of our faves are:
Rosemary & Thyme, a great French bakery that serves sandwiches starting at 11:30am.
Peaceable Market, right on Thames St serving sandwiches and salads.
Flo’s Clam Shack, if you’re looking for traditional fried fish, this is the place but go early, this place gets packed!
Blue Rocks Market, really great sandwiches and pre-made salads and food. It’s also a little market with all sorts of yummy treats!
Ash Mart, looks like just a convenience store from the outside, but they make great, traditional sub sandwiches. Go here if the line is too long at Blue Rocks, it’s just across the street.

Z Style – Summer Dresses

My Z is a girly girl, that comes as no surprise. So, once she realized how much she loved wearing dresses, she has requested them non-stop! Since most of our days include playground and backyard playing (sand! dirt! mud!) they aren’t always the best choice, but she does have a small collection of cute, wear-anywhere dresses. Here is one of her faves:


Hair bows – Forever 21 (there are 2 because we’ve been doing a lot of pigtails lately) / Blue Dress – Tucker & Tate (similar) / Bike shorts (that don’t usually show, but are worn to cover up her diaper, she’s a lady!) – Target / Silver Sandals – Saltwater (these are the best! They’re cute enough to be dressy but durable and waterproof enough to wear anywhere – including puddles and splash pads)

Veggie Cream Cheese


Other than my cute husband, my favorite export out of New York is the bagels. They are just…better than anywhere else – it’s the water, they say. So whenever my in-laws visit they always bring a few up for us to freeze and enjoy later. And since we don’t eat them very often, when we do, I prefer to go all out with plenty of cream cheese. My fave is a whole wheat bagel with veggie cream cheese. But it has to be real veggie cream cheese, like from an actual bagel shop – the kind you get a the grocery store barely qualifies as having veggies in it, they look more like shavings of freeze dried unidentifiable vegetables. So what do I do? I make my own! It’s simple and I highly recommend it the next time you treat yourself to a New York (or local!) bagel.


It’s easy to make yourself, just grab your favorite veggies and softened cream cheese. For this batch I used a green onion, carrot, and celery. I also recommend a little lightly cooked broccoli and finely diced green or red pepper as options, too.


I chopped the onion and celery and shaved the carrot. Mix with your softened cream cheese, spread on your bagel…


…and enjoy!