The Peonies Have Bloomed


I have been quiet all week! If you follow me on Instagram, you know our sweet baby boy was born last Thursday morning and we’ve been in the newborn bubble ever since. I forgot how wonderful, tiring, exciting, emotional, and tough these newborn days really are. Luckily our Z has been over-excited if anything about baby brother’s arrival, phew! And she is constantly asking to hold him and play with him – soon enough, Z! Although her nightly bedtime routine does now include a little brother time as he lays on her knees.

So don’t mind me over here as I remain in a little bit of survival mode and post more sporadically. I do have some fun projects to share in the coming weeks like his baby announcements (which I made weeks ago! Now we just need to add his photo) and a little decoupage project.

Oh, and the peonies finally bloomed in our backyard so I can join bloggers everywhere and post a photo of the flower of the moment. Have a great weekend!

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