Couple Things…


Homemade fish tacos to celebrate cinco de mayo!

Z picked a tulip from our front yard. We had to explain to her that you can’t pick flowers growing in yards…but honestly I love having it on my kitchen windowsill!

She looks girly with her fresh mani/pedi, dress, pink bubbles, and giant sunnies – but she headed out back for hours of playing in sand and dirt and grass in the backyard.

No, we weren’t robbed, this is evidence of some seriously good playtime – about 4 minutes worth.

Nothing cuter than tiny baby socks…I’ll be sharing our nursery decor next week!

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Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day – especially to MY FABULOUS MOM!!  =)

Roasted Chickpeas


When it comes to snacking, I have a major salt tooth (as opposed to sweet tooth). I’m trying to get back on my healthy eating bandwagon (I couldn’t help but have a few cookies during this pregnancy!) even before our new baby comes so once I’m not pregnant anymore I can get back on track and lose that baby weight. Anyway – if you’re in a healthy mood or not, roasted chickpeas are a tasty snack. Baking canned chickpeas basically dehydrates them and they become a crunchy, yummy treat. Chickpeas don’t have a ton of flavor themselves so these roasted chickpeas can be flavored however you like – garlic and Parmesan, thyme and sea salt, even cinnamon sugar if you have a sweet (instead of salty) tooth. I thought I’d share the super basics on how to make this treat and leave it up to you how you’d like to season.


You’ll need 1 can of chickpeas (garbanzo beans), olive oil, and salt.


First, rinse your beans and spread on a baking sheet. Dry thoroughly with a paper towel. As you’re drying, you’ll see some of the chickpeas have a little extra skin – remove any of these skins. Once dry, drizzle a little olive oil on the chickpeas and use your hands to coat.


Bake at 400 degrees for 3o to 40 minutes until the chickpeas are dry. Sprinkle with salt as soon as they’re out of the oven. This is when you’d add any other seasoning you’re using. Enjoy!

Alpine Lace Deli Cheese PARTY

Yes, the title of this post is correct! I was thrilled when Alpine Lace Deli Cheese invited me to a fun soiree Monday to dine, dance, and discover – let me tell you about my night!

photo 1

First, we arrived and the party was held on the 17th floor of the Taj in Boston – the weather was perfect and therefore so was the view, can you believe this?

photo 4

The event was hosted by Olympic figure skating gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi, who is the brand’s new spokesperson – it was so fun to meet her! She has two daughters herself and we chatted about balancing a busy, healthy lifestyle – no easy task!

photo 3 (3)
Then it was time to dine! Alpine Lace flew in their test kitchen perfect pairings expert who put out the most delicious items to pair with their Swiss cheese – from apples to prosciutto to fig jam to chocolate, she had all the pairings covered. They even had wine to sample, but alas, I had to skip that part. I have to say my favorite is pictured above – the tomato jam with a sprinkle of fresh basil, just perfect with the Swiss cheese!


And then – we learned to dance, specifically the rumba. I know, it sounds random – but this event was all about balancing your #lifeingredients and as Kristi was just on Dancing with the Stars, she shared what a great way it is to stay fit. It may not have been the prettiest sight seeing an extremely pregnant momma (me) trying to rumba on the dance floor, but it sure was fun and now I know how to do a basic box step dance!

photo 1 (2)

Thanks for having me Alpine Lace – it was a fun night, and certainly a treat to have a dinner of cheese with amazing pairings!

Couple Things…


My Z turned 2 1/2 this week and we celebrated by baking her favorite Vanilla Bean Sable Cookies and her wearing her princess dress ALL afternoon.

I am SO. GIANTLY. PREGNANT! Here I am wearing my $9 Old Navy maternity dress meeting a couple friends for lunch over the weekend.

We hung the DIY Drink Umbrella Wreath I made last year in celebration of Cinco de Mayo – which is Monday, get the guacamole out!

We’re still going to our Baby Bootcamp classes, but there are a lot of exercises I just can’t do anymore – luckily my Z has taken over doing what I can’t…


Have a great weekend!


Quiche Crust


I was looking through the May issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine (I hope you’ve read page 4!) and came across a great article on quiche. I love quiche – it’s so filling, you can customize it to your liking with what you put inside, and you can eat it at any meal, at any temperature. Anyway, so the part of the article that intrigued me was using a springform pan to make your quiche instead of a pie plate. Interesting! So that’s how bakeries get that high, straight edge of crust in their quiche. I had to try it immediately and show you how it went.


We had ingredients to make a quiche with ham, peppers, onions, and a little cheese but you fill it how you want – let’s just focus on the crust (do reference Martha’s basic springform pan quiche recipe for measurements, you need more custard to fill the springform crust quiche). I used a pre-made dough from Trader Joe’s that honestly didn’t work out too well for the springform pan. The crust was very crumbly and dry once blind baked and therefore the egg seeped out while baking and we didn’t get as full and fluffy of a quiche as was to be expected. But it still tasted great, and that’s what matters, right? When I make this again I will use a better dough and honestly, we need a better springform pan because I’ve had cheesecakes leak out of this one, too – no good!


Overall, I would recommend trying the springform pan quiche, it creates a bigger quiche full of light fluffy egg custard. I am eating a big piece for lunch today with a little salad on the side. Enjoy!