ONE Thing…

On Friday’s I usually share with you a few of my favorite pics from the week – well not this week! There is just one photo from this week that takes the cake…


I think you know by now how much I love Martha Stewart, she is really the Queen of all things crafting, DIY, cooking, and more. So, when I was notified a couple months ago that the photo of my little paper flower mother’s day card would be printed in the May issue of Martha Stewart Living, I nearly lost my sh*t! And even after I signed all the paperwork and emailed back & forth with my contact, I still didn’t quite believe it. It wasn’t until yesterday after my Z and I ran some errands in the morning, tried (unsuccessfully) to get a photo with the Easter bunny (she just will NOT sit with that bunny!), we popped into Barnes & Noble, and I flipped to page 4 of the May issue and saw the photo for myself that I believed it. I screamed – in Barnes & Noble! And because she’s 2 and reacts to my reactions, my Z screamed too.

And now, shameless self-promotion: you can make the paper flower card for Mother’s Day by reading this blog post. OR you can join me for my handmade card class on Wednesday, April 30th click here for more information and to register now.

Happy Easter weekend!

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