Z Style – Jeans

I am jealous of my toddler’s new jeans.

Ok, let me take a step back. I remember when my niece was very little she always had the best jeans. Turns out my sister always got her denim at Lucky – it’s cute, it wears well, and lasts through baby and toddler crazy. This Christmas, my sister gave my Z a cute pair of Lucky jeans  – which was also around the time I decided to make the switch from leggings to denim for my Z as she was plowing through pairs of leggings during playtime – jeans are just more durable.

Anyway, now back to my original statement! We popped into the Lucky Brand store at the mall the other day and they were having an unbelievable sale where a lot of kids items were on sale for $6.97!! We got a few items for next year and the adorable jeans below. They’re a little big on her so they’ll last a while – we’ll certainly get our $7 worth! And aren’t they cute? They’re skinny jeans with adorably placed distressed spots. I paired these new jeans with a little blazer hand-me-down from the same cousin, her fave boots, and of course…a hair bow.


Hair Bow – Forever21 (similar) / Blazer – Crewcuts (very old) / White tee – Target / $7 Jeans – Lucky Brand / Brown Boots – GAP Outlet

Gold Leaf


kate spade notebook – Paper Source / Blue striped tee – J. Crew (Old) / Zippered pouch – Forever21 (similar)

I’ve been kind of obsessed with gold leaf lately…beyond my Gold Leaf Frame class next week (there are still a few spots left!) there’s something so pretty and feminine about an accessory or even office supply with a little shiny gold on it, reminiscent of gold leaf. Above I have some personal gold leaf in my life right now…and then below I have some things I’ve been ogling after…


1. I love this gold-stripe cork iPhone case from J. Crew, the gold is more subdued here. 2. I can’t talk about gold leaf-looking things without mentioning these Gold-Dipped flatware from Anthropologie, I’ve loved these utensils forever! They’d look pretty in my blog food photos, don’t you think? 3. The great thing about gold is it’s basically a neutral – I love this gold polka dots pillow from Society6, it will match any room in the house! 4. The Glitterati jumbo headband from ban.do adds the perfect spec of gold. 5. This heart of gold sweatshirt from Forever21 is from the girls department and oh so cute! 6. I love this J. Crew Factory metallic brocade mini, you could dress it up with a formal top or wear it casual with a white tee! Ps. this print comes in pants and shorts, too. 7. I saw these Tippy Pumps on Anthropologie‘s website a few weeks ago and LOVE them for spring/summer!

Recipe Classic – Chicken Pot Pie


I thought the best recipe to share next in my new Recipe Classics series is Chicken Pot Pie. This was one of my favorite meals growing up! Years ago my husband I found this great recipe for Chicken Pot Pie from epicurious.com and have been making our variation of it for years. Really other than chicken and the “gravy” part of the pot pie, the rest is all up to personal taste – add the veggies you want and top it with your fave crust! We normally use puff pastry but you can also use a biscuit-type topping or a traditional crust. I made it was the traditional crust last week for this post, frankly because we were out of puff pastry and the Trader Joe’s variety we like apparently is only sold around the holidays now (bummer!). Anyway, it was extra indulgent with a real pie crust and just SO good.


We disregard the veggies in the recipe we follow (link above) and use standard veggies for our pot pie (potatoes not pictured).


Bake until the crust is browned, the inside is bubbly…


…and serve hot!


Who doesn’t love homemade chicken pot pie?!?!

Couple Things…


Big sister research.

Mixing paint for my gold leaf egg…tutorial early next month!

I went to a great event put on by Dr. Smith and Boston Mamas at the W Hotel with manis by Bliss spa, yummy treats…

…and I got day-casual-maternity dressed up! #bathroomselfie

Warm enough to scoot outside twice this week!

We got the kit to make our stroller into a double and our Z tried it out – with her baby doll in the front seat, of course.


Have a great weekend everyone!


Gold Leaf Frame Class

There is still time (and a couple spots left) to register for the Hand-Painted Gold Gilded Frame Class I am teaching this spring for Arlington Community Education! The class will be held Wednesday, March 26 from 7-9pm at Arlington High School. Register online today – it will be so much fun and a great springtime girls night out!


In this class we will paint 4×6 picture frames and then use gold leaf as an accent decor – whether it’s half the frame, sporadic throughout, it will be up to you! The most important thing is you’ll learn how to work with leaf paper (it’s very delicate and can be frustrating) and be able to take that knowledge and make all sorts of other projects with gold (or any other metallic) leaf. In fact, I just made a gold leaf Easter egg for a project for the blog next month….don’t you love the look?


For more information on this and the other Once and Done classes, check out my original post.



A couple months ago my friend posted the most amazing pasta dish on Instagram and as the likes were coming in, it came out in the comments that the noodles were in fact made from zucchini! Zoodles – zucchini not pasta! Isn’t that amazing? Turns out she made them with a Paderno Spiral Vegetable Slicer and I knew immediately we needed one for our kitchen. Turns out, my husband was struggling to think of a Valentine’s Day gift and ended up getting me one – how romantic, ha! Anyways…we. are. addicted! And before I walk you through how to use the “machine” (I use the term lightly as it’s a hand crank system with super sharp blade, not electric or anything), I wanted to share that zoodles are SO good, they can even confuse your toddler into eating them, thinking they are her beloved noodles!



There’s not too much to making your zoodles, just stick one end of the zucchini into the blade and the other on the prongs, then use the handle to turn the zucchini while pressing forward and out come zoodles on the other side.


So easy. A couple notes: You will end  up with some unbelievably long zucchini noodles so you may want to break the noodles off at one point so they don’t get too long. You can also see the absolute center of the zucchini isn’t used and you end up with a long cylinder of the zucchini at the end – you could always dice it up and add it to your sauce!


You can eat zoodles like regular pasta with any sort of sauce. We found a great recipe in the Williams-Sonoma catalog (they sell the same Paderno Spiral Vegetable Slicer that we have) with a sauteed butternut squash sauce with thyme, lemon, and garlic that we also added grilled shrimp to, it was great.


 More to come from our new Paderno Spiral Vegetable Slicer! I am thinking sweet potato noodles, next – and once we start getting our CSA again, forget it – everything is turning into a noodle!

Z Style – Hair Bows

My little Z is really into accessories right now, no shocker there. She’s always had a thing for shoes, but recently, we cannot leave the house without a bow in her hair – I agree with her, you always need a little something to accessorize your outfit, right? Well, let me tell you about bows on a toddler. We have bows given to us by cousins, bows I’ve made myself, bows we’ve found on etsy that are so cute and overpriced…and they all get lost. Always. In fact, I drew the line this past Friday after she lost one of the bows I made myself and declared we are never paying more than a dollar or spending more than one minute making a hair bow ever again. Later that day we made a quick trip to the mall to run an errand and I was so delighted to find the answer to our bow issues. Good ‘ol Forever 21 has a toddler bow department! Well, maybe these bows aren’t necessarily made for toddlers, but they fit the description of any bows now entering our home – they are cool, cute, tiny, and just $1.80/pair (that’s less than $1/each people)! We bought a few…


I threw in that little headband for $2.80 for good measure.


And she has been in bow heaven ever since (she wore a bow and the bow headband yesterday) – and by the way, we haven’t lost one yet, how ironic!

Time for Mom