Homemade Tater Tots


Remember tater tots? They make me think of 3rd grade school lunch – in a good way! Like the only edible thing that came out of the school cafeteria – aside from those fabulous rectangles of pizza every Friday, of course. Anyways, when I was pregnant with my Z, we bought a bag of frozen-then-bake tater tots…and they hit the spot. This pregnancy when I felt a calling for tots I happened to see an episode of Giada De Laurentis’ show where she made sweet potato tots and I couldn’t believe how easy it seemed to be. And something homemade is always better than processed and frozen so I got right on it and made a batch this past weekend. Here you go – make them now, they come out awesome and as most things I make, this recipe is very easy (and hard to mess up, actually!).


Start by boiling your potatoes (I used 3 small regular potatoes) for just a few minutes until they’re slightly soft when pierced with a knife.  You want it so there is some cooked potato around the edge but still uncooked in the middle.


Shred your potato in a food processor or with the largest opening on your cheese grater (as I did). Mix with 1/3C flour and s&p for seasoning.


Form into 2-inch logs and fry in a couple of inches of oil heated to 350 degrees for about 4 minutes or so.


Season with salt immediately.


Serve warm….


…and with tons of ketchup. Enjoy!

Double Dozen Roses


What’s better than receiving a dozen red roses on Valentine’s Day? Receiving a DOUBLE dozen! A few years ago, I came home from a long day at work on Valentine’s Day to a beautiful vase full of roses sitting on our kitchen island. I thought the vase looked very full and asked my husband if he got a special kind of rose that was fuller or something. Turns out he got me a DOUBLE dozen roses!


Every year Whole Foods Market sells their beautiful roses as a double dozen for Valentine’s Day at the reasonable price of $25. You can feel good about buying these roses too because they are Whole Trade® roses – which means they have the Whole Trade® Guarantee seal.


You can get them in any color – no matter who is on your Valentine’s Day list…


And giving a double dozen just shows you’re double-ly in love, right? Feel free to email this post to your valentine as a gentle hint. You’re welcome and Happy Valentine’s Day!

*Disclaimer: I received complimentary goods for this post, however all above opinions and thoughts are my very own.

Couple Things…


Another ski weekend! We had fondue, the perfect pares ski dinner, right?

Have I told you about this wine? It’s alcohol removed, aka perfect for pregnant women! I’ve had the Moscato, Chardonnay, and I have a bottle of the red blend waiting to be opened. Not a bad option when alcohol isn’t an option.

Speaking of being pregnant, I ordered a little lose-my-pregnancy-weight inspiration from J. Crew’s most recent sale…I’ll be ready for these velvet dot matchstick jeans this fall!

We had a yummy roast chicken for dinner this week.

Of course you’ve heard of (and experienced) the snow day this week. My husband took our Z outside to make a snowman and she was less than thrilled.

This week – red toes!


Have a great weekend everyone!

Valentine’s Day Cookies


This is a little story about the largest cookie I have ever baked. If you get the Williams-Sonoma catalog or receive their emails, you may have seen their latest Valentine’s Day heart cookie cutter. In the description they mention it’s giant, but it wasn’t until I saw it in the store that I realized just how giant it was – bigger than my Z’s head in fact (proof). So, we obviously bought it immediately and it happened to be Tuesday afternoon just in time to be snowed in all day yesterday and bake a batch of cookies! I decided to use our favorite Vanilla Bean Sable Cookie recipe. Here’s how we made them…


Just before adding the flour to the cookie dough, I added some red food coloring to make the cookies pink because if you’re making giant heart cookies why not make them pink too?


After chilling the dough, I rolled it to about 1/2″ thick and cut. I am still amazed at the size of this cookie cutter!


It was tricky maneuvering the cookie, so I used a little butter knife to scoop out the smaller pieces, then a large spatula to help me move the giant cookie.


I got 2 giant cookies out of a 1/2 recipe.


Once cooled, it was time to decorate. I made a quick icing with powdered sugar and milk – thick consistency so I could use it as a glue for the sprinkles.

I have to say it was slightly intimidating deciding on decor for a giant cookie!


I opted for simple.


And lots of sprinkles on the little guys. Enjoy!

PS. You’re probably wondering where the cute, tiny cookie hearts went? Well, my little sous chef was helping me with this project and…well…these are her absolute favorite cookies and she literally ate all of them in the process of decorating and photo-taking. They were super cute though, trust me!

PPS. I know it’s annoying when a blogger links to something sold out online (as I did with the cookie cutter) but there are tons in the Williams-Sonoma stores, so go grab yours today at your local W-S before Valentine’s Day. Nothing says I love you like a cookie bigger than your face.

Z Style – Boots

My girl loves shoes. We were shopping at the GAP Outlet recently when it happened again… “Mummy – shooooooz,” with her tiny finger pointing to a high shelf in the back of the store. On the shelf, one lonely pair of tan knee boots with a little bow on the ankle. I checked the tag – 1/2 size too big, but we decided to try them on anyway, that’s the way we roll. Well, once they were on her tiny feet she fell even harder and since they were just a tiny bit big and I knew they’d fit for a while, we bought them! And she loves these boots so… Here’s a little outfit she likes to wear them with.


Turtleneck – Crewcuts (similar). Pants – BabyGAP (similar). Boots – GAP Outlet (we were at another GAP Outlet very recently and they’re still there if you’re looking to buy a pair for your toddler).

Once and Done Craft Classes

Ever want to spend a couple hours learning how to make a cute, simple craft? Meet up with some friends for a night out and go home with your own handmade frame, necklace, or cards? Well now is your chance! I am teaching a series of Once and Done Craft Classes with Arlington Community Education. You can take one class or get a special price if you sign up for all three.


Learn how to make a hand-painted gold gilded frame on March 26th.

Learn how to make a hand-painted bead necklace on April 9th.

Learn how to make handmade cards on April 30th.

You know we’ll have a blast crafting all night – sign up today! Click through links above to sign up for each class. Each class is $15 (plus materials fee listed in class description) OR register for all 3 classes for $40. Hope to see you in class!