Couple Things…


We went on another ski weekend last weekend and ended up at the most amazing restaurant (White Mt. Cider Co.). My parents watched Z and her cousins while we went out to a long, leasurely dinner with my sister and brother in-law, what a treat!

Then we got this for dessert – a pregnant woman’s dream (homemade apple cider donuts with ice cream and caramel).

There is a full on obsession with Curious George happening in this house.

Maternity Starbucks.

Dressing up – I think she looks like the toddler version of fashion icon Iris Apfel, right?!

…and some exciting news to share with you on Monday (yes, the news has to do with with hand painted bead necklaces)!

And if you’re looking for Super Bowl snack ideas…well, here you go!

Super Bowl Snacks – Potato Skins

potato-skins-9The Super Bowl is this Sunday night! No matter who you’re routing for or if the game is even important to you at all, one thing is for sure – SNACKS are a must. This year I thought I’d share a classic football snack – Potato Skins. And once you have the skins under control, you can really fill these guys with anything!


First: bake your potatoes at 350 for about 45 mins to an hour. Cook until soft. Let them cool, cut in half, and scoop out a fair amount of the potato from each half. That is so vague, but it’s really up to you how much potato you leave in. I like a moderate amount of potato left in my skin.


Next: place your skins, cut side up, on a baking sheet and coat with butter (the perfect job for your sous chef). Bake at 400 degrees for 5 to 7 minutes (depending on how crispy you want them to get!). Then flip, coat the outsides with butter and bake again at 400 degrees for 5 to 7 minutes.


While all that baking, buttering, and flipping is going on you can prep your toppings. As I mentioned above, we went classic with these and opted for chives, cheddar cheese, and crumbled bacon.


Watch out for that snacky sous chef…


Once your skins are at the desired level of “crispy-ness,” take them out of the oven and load them with toppings! Bake one last time for 3 to 5 minutes or until your cheese is melted.


Top with sour cream (or we actually used creme fraiche because I had it on hand) and ENJOY!

A Valentine Full of Kisses


Kissing is a big part of Valentine’s, right? And our little Z is so full of love and kisses that we thought we’d send kisses to some loved ones as our annual Valentine’s Day card. I thought I’d pass along the idea if you’re looking for a cute little something to send your loved ones for Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Day project is pretty simple to put together…


Get some wax lips (your kisses!), I ordered mine on Amazon after I searched Target, CVS, PartyCity and a local candy shop and couldn’t find any – does no one use wax lips anymore?


Stamp your boxes. I used a tiny heart stamp in white ink on brown boxes I found at Michael’s for $.79.


Buy red and white package filler (or make your own like I did by shredding paper in your home paper shredder).

Then put your package of kisses together!


Seal with a little washi tape. PS. I also included a little card in the ones we’re sending, but something needs to be a surprise for my Valentine’s Day package recipients!



Beef Lo Mein


Chinese food. Boy, have I been craving Chinese Food this pregnancy but it sure is BAD for you! I am always trying to find at-home Chinese Food recipes that give you that same satisfying flavor of take-out without the unhealthiness. We’ve made our own fried rice and Chicken Tso’s Chicken that come out fantastic (and worth the time investment these recipes take to make) but recently we were looking for more of a homemade Chinese Food QUICK fix. Then we found this recipe for Beef Lo Mein in the Cooking Light cookbook that is just awesome so I had to share it with you…


First, saute a clove of garlic and ginger in olive oil for just a few seconds. Add your broccoli and sliced onion and cook for 3 to 5 minutes. Meanwhile, boil water and cook your spaghetti according to the box directions.


While that cooks, whisk together your sauce – soy sauce, brown sugar, oyster sauce, and chili paste with garlic.


Stir beef into the broccoli and onion mixture. When the beef is just about cooked add the sauce, spaghetti, and stir. Cook for just a couple minutes until sauce us heated through.


This really curbs the Chinese food craving and not only is it “not bad” for you, it’s from Cooking Light so it’s low calorie! For a 1 1/3C it’s only about 330 calories. Eat up and enjoy!


And ps. we’re not usually into leftovers in our house, but just like take-out Chinese, this lo mein is delish the next day for lunch.

Styled by Jess is Featured on {hub}LINKS


These local bloggers (including yours truly!!) were chosen to represent the best of the best winter themed blog posts in Boston via Blog Better Boston’s new {hub}LINKS.

Show these blogs some love:

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Couple Things…


Our Z is now sleeping in a big girl bed! This was her first week and the nighttime shenanigans have been amazing… (yes that’s her doll’s bed IN her bed, she did that at about 8pm before she fell asleep for the night).

…she’s also getting a new dresser (new baby will get the nursery furniture) with colorful knobs from anthropologie to make it more kiddish.

Working on Valentines for a post next week – wax lips are kind of creepy!

Burger joints make this family happy so we tried Tasty Burger in Harvard Sq. and we all LOVED it, highly recommend you try!

And their jukebox is so modern and fun!

Found this plaid peacoat at Old Navy in store for $18! It only buttons down to my last rib so it’s perfect for a maternity coat. And the red stripes coordinate perfectly with my fave mom purse.


Have a great weekend! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter!

My New Favorite Top Coat

You know I love me some sparkle nails, right? But sometimes you need a sparkle that’s a little less, well, sparkle-y. I came across the perfect sparkle top coat that gives just the right amount of sparkle for every day life when it includes work, meetings, and toddler music classes (my days are all vastly different from each other!) – it’s essie’s Luxeffects pure pearlfection.



It’s perfect over a dark gray…


…and even a bright red! Would you try this slight sparkle for your nail polish top coat?

Gift Guide – Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day, always have – even in those years when I didn’t have a special valentine and I would “celebrate” with friends and wine. I think it’s fun to have an excuse to wear red and hearts, an excuse to make cute cards and crafty things, and an excuse to get your sweetie a little something to tell him/her how awesome you think they are. Other than red roses (always an acceptable Valentine’s Day gift in my book), I scoured the internet for a few ideas of sweet, thoughtful gifts you can get your love this Valentine’s Day!


1. Adorable Bestie Bobbi set. 2. Picnic for Two Basket from Anthropologie. I know what you’re thinking: “I would never use that!” But it’s one of those things that you buy once and use occasionally for the rest of your days! 3. A fancy candle like this one from Jo Malone. 4. Valentine’s Day tee from Hello Merch – the cutest little heart tee, right? 5. kate spade his and her hiball set. 6. Levtex “Tonight/Not Tonight” Pillow from Nordstrom. Hysterical for those who’d rather have non-verbal communication in their relationship.

Cookie Butter Ice Cream


Ok, let’s talk about Cookie Butter for a minute. I had never had it until Santa brought me a jar in my Christmas stocking and we opened it a couple weeks ago, remember? According to the Trader Joe’s website (the only place you can buy Speculoos Cookie Butter) it’s the #2 selling item in their store (Triple Ginger Snaps are #1, FYI). It’s made from crushed Belgian speculoos biscuits and is a sweet spread reminiscent of gingerbread with a slightly thicker than peanut butter texture.

Well, it’s awesome. It says on the jar that you can dip things in it or put it on just about anything (dip pretzels, crackers, melt and put it on ice cream, pancakes, waffles). So, we had a thought…what if we put it IN the ice cream? Even better, right? And this past weekend we did just that.


We started with a basic vanilla ice cream recipe and made it in our ice cream maker.


As with making any ice cream with something in it, we added dollops of cookie butter just as the ice cream was getting thick – or, when the machine sounds like it’s working very hard. Someone had to take a peak to see what was making all that noise!


We mixed the dollops of cookie butter in at the very end so they would remain as small chunks and not just mix in the ice cream.


We let it chill for a few hours…then had a couple scoops. DELISH! This is an unbelievable mix of flavors – the sweet vanilla ice cream with the occasional creaminess, molasses flavor of the cookie butter, it’s just perfect.


So good…enjoy!

Couple Things…


We played a little go fish with my niece as we sipped s’mores hot chocolate on our ski weekend.

Warm enough for the playground on Monday!

I ordered my husband’s Valentine’s Day gift and it came in the mail this week with this little heart sticker.

The secret to a happy marriage? Ordering 1/2 and 1/2 pizza so everyone is happy (meat for him, broccoli for me).

Nothing better than a husband who comes home with a red rose cupcake for his pregnant wife!!

Everyone in this house is obsessed with Z’s teepee, including the cat!