Couple Things…


We had yummy pressed ham and cheese sammies over the weekend.

It’s colllllld out when we play outside these days.

We put together an antipasto spread for our friends-giving on Wednesday night.

On Thanksgiving my dad made his famous stuffed mushrooms!

Best new hide and seek spot. =)

And yesterday’s star of the show…


I hope you have a great weekend (hopefully you’re off and spending time with family, shopping, or maybe both?!)!

Z Style

This sweatshirt is the first piece of clothing my Z has ever picked out on her own! We were at Nordstrom Rack and she said “Mama!” pointing to it, I pulled it off the rack and gave it to her, and she wouldn’t let it go. It’s so cute! A sweatshirt with Mickey Mouse heads with all different mustaches? I like your style, little Z. I paired the sweatshirt with a ruffle-y collared shirt to make it more girly, red pants for color, and her comfy TOMS.


Sweatshirt from Nordstrom Rack (random find), white collared shirt Old Navy (old), pants Crewcuts (folded since they are regular length and so long), shoes TOMS (similar)

Gilded Thanksgiving Wreath


I’m a crafty person – I bet you’ve figured that out by now. I usually make crafts “from scratch” so to speak – think of an idea, buy the supplies, figure out how to make the item as I go. But, sometimes, I find a great craft kit that I just can’t say no to. Have you seen this Burlap and Gold Wreath Kit sold at Paper Source? I saw it and just loved it – there is a hint of gold sparkle (and why I renamed it a Gilded Thanksgiving Wreath)! I usually don’t decorate for Thanksgiving, per se, but we are hosting a little friends-giving at our house this year so I thought this wreath would be just enough decor (along with some leftover pumpkins and fall flowers around the house, too) for our little gathering. I of course had to add my own flare to it, but more about that later.


The kit comes with most everything that you’ll need – you just need to supply your own scissors and tape, not bad!


I won’t get too detailed in how to make the wreath because the kit comes with extremely detailed and easy to follow instructions.


The directions even tell you how many of each leaf (there are 4 varieties) to use on each layer of the wreath. Don’t you just love these gold sparkle leaves?


The most time consuming part is placing the leaves and then taping them on the cardboard wreath.

A few notes:
– the kit comes with exactly the right amount of double sided tape squares so be careful with them!
– the kit does have a few extra light brown and bronze leaves so if you feel like one of your leaves need an extra leaf to look full – go for it.
– the kit does not come with a way for the wreath to be hung – which I realized too late. I suggest using a thin wire and wrap it around the cardboard leaf with a loop at the top for hanging. THEN place all your leaves on.

So, since I was making this specifically for Thanksgiving decor, I added a little note of Give Thanks to the wreath, here’s how:


You’ll need: tape, double sided tape, leftover leaves from the wreath kit, thread, Sharpie, and scissors.


Write your message on the leaves, for Thanksgiving I wrote “Give Thanks.”


Tape your thread on the back of each leaf you’ve written on with double sided tape. Stick a different colored leaf just off-centered to the back.


Line up your leaves so you like how they hang and tape to the back of the wreath.


And you have a fabulous handmade Gilded Thanksgiving Wreath! And PS if you want to use this wreath for another holiday, the Give Thanks leaves are easy to just remove.

Thanksgiving, Revisited

Did you know I’ve been blogging for 3 years? I know, that’s kind of a long time. But, before this past March, it was sporadic and pretty…basic I would say. Anyway, I have lots of old ideas about Thanksgiving desserts, drinks, and a few other ideas that I thought I’d put all together here and share with you today in case you’re looking for any last minute recipe ideas!

 apple bread

Apple Bread for Breakfast


A Thanksgiving Appetizer


Dessert – a Pie Alternative

 pumpkin pie close-up

But if you are making a pie – A Decorative Crust Idea


A Unique Beverage Idea

I hope your Thanksgiving prep goes well this week!

Couple Things…


We had fondue night over the weekend!

My Z did a little *painting project (water on construction paper = clean painting!)

We went out to dinner at our fave pizza place, Figs in Charlestown.

So, we made an entire Thanksgiving dinner over the weekend basically so we could have leftover turkey sandwiches all week. I make mine on oatmeal bread with turkey, stuffing, and new this year…slices

Mommy daughter cereal.

Z got some pretty sweet kitty flats this week. They’re way too big but she cannot wait to wear them!

Mom Purse

It’s sad that everything with mom in front of it ends up being a negative and frumpy connotation. Mom jeans, for example. I don’t know any moms (or anyone at all for that matter) that actually wears mom jeans. I am a mom and I wear pretty cool jeans (I think!). My sister is a mom and she always wears great jeans. My own mom is a mom and definitely wears good jeans, usually with a slight boot-cut and cute shoes!


Well, I got off topic, sorry – but I am here to tell you about the ultimate mom purse. I’ve been eying this Marc by Marc Jacobs Preppy Nylon Sasha Crossbody Bag for some time now. Isn’t it great? And after I received some monetary gifts (with strict assignment to buy something with it, not just deposit it in the bank for general use – if you insist!). I decided it was time.

I got used to carrying a crossbody bag this summer when I used my travel purse everywhere I went with my Z. And the convenience! Well, that bag is very summery so I realized I would need a more all-year crossbody while performing mommy duties out and about. This bag is it, folks.

mom-purse-1What I love most is there is a pocket in front with compartment for my iPhone, a zippered area and all of my other stuff I would want easy access to.


Then, there is a zippered, larger part in the back where I can put all my Z necessities (snacks, crayons, mini coloring book, mini baby doll, emergency diaper, etc…). This section is huge. But when you’re wearing the bag? Still fashionable and cute – just what I like. No frumpy mom here – and let’s end the mom frump association once and for all!

Z Style

My Z wore this outfit over the weekend and I decided I needed to do another Z style post already. This is one of her fall uniform staples, as seen the weekend we went to the Greenway Carousel. I love these little boots she’s wearing, too. They look great with every outfit and keep her feet dry and warm. And her toddler crossbody purse – have you seen anything cuter?


Shirt babyGAP (old), toddler crossbody bag Brickyard Buffalo (no longer for sale), pants Crewcuts (these are cropped so they’re the right length for her, similar), monkey socks Zulily, metallic boots Zara.

Soft Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies


Ah, Pinterest – ever the temptress for trying new recipes! I had a can of pumpkin just hanging out in our pantry so when I saw this recipe for Soft Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies on Pinterest I decided to give it a whirl. I made a few small edits to the recipe, but for the most part followed the steps as directed.

soft-pumpkin-cookies-1Cream butter and sugars (I used dark brown sugar in place of light brown sugar for a deeper molasses flavor) until fully combined. Whisk together dry ingredients.


Add canned pumpkin to the wet ingredients, along with the vanilla extract. I nearly doubled the amount of pumpkin and used 10 Tbs.


Add the dry ingredients and mix until just together, then add the chocolate chips.


Scoop onto a baking sheet and bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes.


Let cool on the baking sheet for 5 minutes, then move to a cooling rack. Enjoy!

Couple Things…


We found out over the weekend that the Lowe’s Car Carts are way cooler than the one at the grocery store.

We made a big batch of our favorite sauce to freeze and have on hand.

I got a fabulous new serving bowl from Crate and Barrel while we were on a crazy drinking glass hunt all weekend.

After going to a million places, we found the perfect (super thick glass!) glasses at West Elm.

Trying on her winter hat and mittens.

I slept in on Sunday (to 8am, btw) and when I woke up my husband and Z were just getting home with donuts from Union Square Donuts – score!


Have a great weekend, everyone!