Couple Things…


We had a date night with some friends at the new Beat Hotel in Harvard Sq. Have you been? The food is fantastic!

Someone has a new chore and LOVES it – she gets to feed ki-tee dinner every night at 5pm.

Fresh rosemary from our CSA this week, I love the smell!

I had a huge event for my day job this week…naturally it required buying a bouquet of balloons! Aren’t all events better with balloons?

Pinkies up!

Z likes to organize our shoes like this every time we walk in the house and take our shoes off.


After a very long and busy week in our house I am ready for the weekend – have a good one!

2 thoughts on “Couple Things…

  1. I am always struck by how sweet Z is (and her mannerisms!) You are truly fortunate to have such a sweet darling in your life Jess! I will definitely have to add Beat Hotel to my list of to-visits xo


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