Fall Trend – Sweatshirts

Ok, I have waited as long as I can to really start talking about my favorite subject – FALL FASHION! I love it. I talk about this every yearevery year. And this year is no different! So, first up – I’d love to talk about sweatshirts. I know you’re surprised because I literally never wear sweatshirts or talk about them on this blog… but things have changed! Sweatshirts are everywhere for Fall, 2013. Sweatshirts that are meant to be worn as a dressy top, that is. Thoughts? I kind of love it. Maybe because I’m at the stage in life where putting on a comfy cozy sweatshirt is more appealing than a form fitting top, but hey – when is that not appealing? So, I have put together a little group of some of my fave sweatshirts out right now. A few notes – I have included some affiliate links here so please and thank you. Also, you can go way high or way low with this trend (as most trends) so I have included mostly appropriately priced sweatshirts here, because really, who is spending $250 on a sweatshirt even if it’s supposed to be worn as a fancy top? No one I know.


1. Lace-front sweatshirt from J. Crew, this also comes in navy, but I love the cream one with a pair of dark jeans, brown boots, and a brown leather jacket. That’s like the perfect fall outfit right there. 2. Have you seen the new kate spade collaboration with artist Craig Redman? This Darcel Graphic sweatshirt from Bloomingdales is from that collaboration. Who doesn’t want a sweatshirt with a donut on it? 3. I love the colorful print of this Sauce Sweatshirt from Bloomingdales. You could wear this in so many ways – with black pants, colorful pants, it would look really cute with a black leather pencil skirt, too! 4.  A.P.C. Blondie Sweatshirt from Nordstrom. That neckline – it just exemplifies a dressy sweatshirt. This one is my fave. 5. I love this sweatshirt trend combined with leather, like in this Foil Sleeve Textured Sweat from Topshop. The faux leather sleeves are amazing.

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