What to Wear – Labor Day Weekend

You know I always think of Labor Day weekend as the last hurrah of summer, right? Go to the beach one last time, make all your favorite summer recipes one last time, and certainly wear your favorite summer outfit one last time. I have put together my last hurrah outfit for you here. What willContinue reading “What to Wear – Labor Day Weekend”

Labor Day Weekend Recipe Ideas

With Labor Day just a few short days away I thought it time I share a little round-up of some last hurrah summer recipes! This doesn’t mean you can’t try these recipes after Labor Day, but let’s face it, Fall comes up pretty quick after this long weekend and well, you won’t be eating watermelonContinue reading “Labor Day Weekend Recipe Ideas”

Fall Trend – Army Jackets

Nothing is more of a fall staple than a cool army jacket. Army jackets are just everywhere right now, right? I like how army jackets are really becoming cutting edge with a lot of mixed materials being used like leather, beading, patches, and cool zippers. Also, since army jackets are so masculine, I always likeContinue reading “Fall Trend – Army Jackets”