Couple Things…


The biggest news around here this week is that we got a tiny table and chairs for our tiny Z. I got her some coloring books and colored pencils (to add to her crayons) for her first little art center. We’ll be crafting together soon enough!

I also scored a great fall trend – army jacket for her from Old Navy on clearance for $10. It’s a little vest she can wear all fall.

My hubby and I snuck out on Thursday for a little day date. We went to a place in the North End for Restaurant Week – local friends, did you participate in Boston’s Restaurant Week this year? We hadn’t in years!

The food was delish (and plentiful, sooooo full!) – since it was restaurant week we got dessert too, which always seems extra indulgent in the middle of the day, right?

At Baby Bootcamp the other morning at the end of class when we were stretching, I looked over and my Z was stretching too. And I never have my phone out so I was lucky to snap this pic!

And I’ll leave you with a beautiful view in Newport, RI (I know, lots of boat shots from Newport lately! I can’t help it!)…


I hope you had a great week! Have a wonderful long weekend celebrating (?) the end of summer!

What to Wear – Labor Day Weekend

You know I always think of Labor Day weekend as the last hurrah of summer, right? Go to the beach one last time, make all your favorite summer recipes one last time, and certainly wear your favorite summer outfit one last time. I have put together my last hurrah outfit for you here. What will you be wearing this weekend?


1. These Beachmaster Honey Tortoise-Ebony Wood sunglasses from TOMS are great with this outfit! 2. I love delicate jewelry in the summer when it’s hot so this Initial charm pendant from Baublebar. 3. I love the bicoastal tank from Anthropologie, I am showing you the back here – it’s red in the front. So cute and coordinates perfect with the tote. 4. The Keeva large tote from Sole Society can be carried all day and even to the beach, I love this bag – and it’s on sale right now! 5. I know it’s old fashioned to say don’t where white shoes after Labor Day…so I guess I’m old fashioned, I just don’t like white shoes if it’s not summertime. Anyway, I’ll be wearing some white sandals one last time this year like these Steve Madden Hamil Sandal from Nordstrom. 6. I always love to wear white denim on Labor Day Weekend – it’s so summery. These denim roll-up short in white are from J. Crew Factory – and on sale right now!

Happy Labor Day weekend (almost)! And if you’re having some friends over and need Labor Day weekend recipe ideas, look no further!

Labor Day Weekend Recipe Ideas

With Labor Day just a few short days away I thought it time I share a little round-up of some last hurrah summer recipes! This doesn’t mean you can’t try these recipes after Labor Day, but let’s face it, Fall comes up pretty quick after this long weekend and well, you won’t be eating watermelon popsicles in November, I imagine.

blueberry-ice-creamBlueberry Ice Cream


zucchini tomato mozzTomato Mozzarella Baked Zucchini


fresh-watermelon-pops-11Fresh Watermelon Popsicles


Strawberry Mojitos

Charred-Corn-and-Zucchini-with-Basil-3Charred Corn and Zucchini with Basil


Grilled Peach Salsa


Pasta Salad

Let me know what you make – enjoy!

Fall Trend – Leather

Another exciting fall trend I wanted to mention is leather. I love to see leather wardrobe items like a leather dress, pants, or jacket (of course). But was is so exciting this year is that mixed media with leather is in – meaning articles of clothing with just a hint of leather. Over the weekend I bought this fabulous Merino leather-pocket sweater at J. Crew – isn’t it great?


J. Crew also has a great pair of pixie pants this season with a leather tuxedo stripe (my sister almost bought them over the weekend), aren’t they fab too? But there are so many other mixed media leather items out there this season, I had to share a few with you. Are you going to where the mixed media leather trend?


1. The Top with Leather Pocket from Zara would look amazing with black skinny leg jeans, right? 2. This is the Boat Neck Stripe top with Leather Elbows from Joseph. Can you believe this top? It combines my first love (stripes) with my second (elbow patches). Love. this. top. 3. This Michael Kors Mixed Media Cardigan is quite the piece. Don’t you think? It’s timeless – buy now, take care of it, and where it forever. 4. Now let’s talk pants. I think these DKNY Ponte Leather Riding Leggings are pretty great – and they’re on sale! 5. I am obsessed with this Leather Plane Pullover from Anthropologie – it’s the perfect fall sweater for jeans. 6. And I love these Zara Tops with Faux Leather Piping – they come in a bunch of colors.

Vanilla Bean Sable Cookies


It’s late August, do you know what that means? In our house it means someone’s birthday is just about 2 months away and I start brainstorming her birthday party! And this year she’s turning —- 2, 2! 2 sounds so grown up. I can’t believe she is so big…sigh.  Back to the party though – our Z isn’t really into sweets so I was thinking of a less-sweet cookie for her to serve alongside a birthday cake.

I don’t know about you, but I love a slightly sweet, slightly salty, buttery cookie and, as suspected, so does my Z. I saw this recipe for Vanilla-Bean Sable Cookies on Pinterest recently and knew we had to try them out. I made a batch last week for a trial run and they came out great so I wanted to share with you.


I followed the recipe to a T including making the vanilla sugar…



Mixing the butter with sugars and egg yolk…



And rolling the dough into logs and fridge-ing overnight.



Then, I did my own décor and rolled the dough in colorful non-pareils. Coat the chilled dough in egg wash and roll it in your choice of sprinkle or sanding sugar (as the original recipe calls for).



Cut, bake….






Aren’t these cute? And perfect for a second birthday party!

Couple Things…


This was the view from the restaurant where we ate dinner over the weekend – you can barely make out the Newport bridge in the background.

One morning this week my Z pulled the latest Pottery Barn catalog out of the recycling bin and flipped through. Maybe she wants to redecorate?!

Have you heard…Birkenstocks are back in style. I know, really? I went through a birks phase in high school and still had this flashy pair floating around so I broke them out this week.

We had an enormous amount of eggplant from our CSA so we made a summer version of eggplant parm. Recipe coming soon…

We also made our favorite crab cakes for dinner last night – you must try this recipe!

“I carried a watermelon?”


Did you know I’m on Instagram? Follow along! My username is iamstyledbyjess. Have a great weekend everyone!!

Boston Bloggers event

boston-bloggers-meet-up-2Remember when I went to that great local blogging conference in the spring? Well, the same group hosted a little gathering Tuesday night and I just had to share my night with you! I don’t have many photos because I was honestly so caught up in saying hi to friends and meeting new ones, but hey – that’s what this event was for!

boston-bloggers-meet-up-3First, I painted my nails the night before and thought a little sparkle accent on my ring finger would be perfect for the occasion, don’t you agree?


boston-bloggers-meet-up-1The event took place at The Sinclair in Harvard Square, I had never been… They had great little small bites for us to try and I knew I’d have to come back sometime with my husband and little Z – they would love the food. Plus there’s an awesome outdoor patio on the second floor and you can’t get better than that!

It was so great to reconnect with some lovely Boston Blogger friends!
I walked in and was greeted by the lovely Georgina wearing a fabulous green dress. Just fabulous.
Then I chatted with Holly and met Brooke and heard all about her Parisian adventures.
And then I met Carrie for the first time wearing an amazing top she made herself that I swore was from J. Crew!
Alana, Agnes, and I chatted for a bit and it was so nice to catch up!
And from there met a host of fabulous new blogger friends: Kristin, Marie (and heard all about her handbag collection!), and Rebecca.
On my way out I swapped hugs with Emily and said a hello and goodbye at the same time to the fun Amanda (we kept missing each other all night!) and that was it!



Overall such a great night. I wore my fave kate spade Saturday dress only this time with these old J. Crew wedges with a black bow at the toe – I love any reason to break these guys out of my closet. I am so looking forward to more events in the future – thanks Kate and Alison for organizing such a fun time!

Fresh Watermelon Pops


Summer isn’t over quite yet even though the internet (this blog included) is FULL of fall fashion, back to school, and end of summer everything. Well, it’s still hot has Hades here in MA so I “cooked up” a little refreshing frozen treat for us to eat while it’s still uncomfortably hot! These Fresh Watermelon Pops are so easy to make and can be customized to your taste – you can make them sweeter, mintier, throw in some blueberries – whatever you like! Here’s how I made ours…

fresh-watermelon-pops-4Cube your watermelon and remove all the seeds – this is pretty tedious, but you don’t want the seeds blended into the pops!


fresh-watermelon-pops-3Blend the watermelon in a blender until is liquifies, then pour through a sieve to remove any remaining seed remnants and pulpy clumps.


fresh-watermelon-pops-8Pour the watermelon liquid back into the blender and add any other elements to the pops – I added very finely chopped mint and the juice of one lemon. The watermelon I used was extrememly sweet so I decided to not add any sweetner, but if you do, I recommend either simple syrup or honey.


fresh-watermelon-pops-7Pour the watermelon liquid into your pop molds. We are not fancy and ended up using tiny Dixie cups that I put in a baking pan.


fresh-watermelon-pops-6Freeze for maybe an hour or so until the pops have solidified just a bit.


fresh-watermelon-pops-5Stick your Popsicle sticks in or as I used, lollipop sticks.


fresh-watermelon-pops-2Freeze overnight. When you’re ready to taste, you can just peel the Dixie cup away.





Fall Trend – Army Jackets

Nothing is more of a fall staple than a cool army jacket. Army jackets are just everywhere right now, right? I like how army jackets are really becoming cutting edge with a lot of mixed materials being used like leather, beading, patches, and cool zippers.

Also, since army jackets are so masculine, I always like to style the jacket with a feminine flair – maybe a lace top underneath, wear with jeans and a high heel, or wear with a traditionally girly color like pink. Here’s a round-up of some great army jackets out now.


1. I’m starting with this Globetrotter Utility Jacket from Forever21. It’s a great example of an army jacket with personality – and it reminds me of my fave Zara army jacket I wore at Assembled last month. It’s also only $35, for real. 2. I love the Cotton Canvas Jacket one from H&M, when the jacket is fully zipped the collar stands up and looks very chic. And that long thin patch is perfect. 3. The Mixed Media Jacket by BCBGeneration at Nordstrom is just fabulous – the traditional army green jacket but with black leather sleeves. Love this one! 4. This Combination Jacket with Zips from Zara is such a modern take on the traditional army jacket, don’t you think? 5. The Outbound jacket from Madewell is the loveliest color green – and this jacket has buttons, which I think is the way to go when wearing the jacket open. 6. And of course I have to get my Z in on this trend so she can wear this Coat with detachable lining from ZaraKids. Technically it’s from the boys department, but that’s the beauty of an army jacket, they’re ambidextrous.