Strawberry Mojitos


I mentioned last week that I’d have a couple strawberry recipes for you this week, so here is your first – a cocktail! I just love mojitos – I think they’re the perfect summer beverage. In fact, we had blueberry mojitos as the signature cocktail at our wedding! I thought I’d share with you today the recipe to make your own strawberry mojito from scratch and since it’s right in the middle of strawberry season I suggest you make these now!


You will need: Club soda, a muddler, white rum, strawberries, fresh mint leaves, lime, white sugar, and ice (not pictured).



First, muddle strawberries (I used 3 since mine were so small) and about 10 mint leaves in a tall glass.



Add 2 Tbs of sugar (more or less depending on your taste) and 1 more strawberry (or 2 of they’re small, like mine were) and continue muddling.



Fill your glass with ice, pour 1 1/2 oz of white rum over the ice and then fill glass with club soda.



Stir well! Garnish with a lime and a couple mint leaves. Enjoy!

What to Wear – As a Tourist

While we’re in being tourists in the fabulous city of London this week I thought I’d share with you my thoughts on what to wear while you’re being a tourist. When you’re traveling to a place like London, you know you’ll be out and about all day visiting museums, parks, famous stores (Harrod’s!!), all the while trying to look great because you’ll be posing for tons of photos, trying to be comfortable because you’ll be walking miles, and trying to be dressed for the weather – which – in a place like London is a giant variable.  SO! With all that in mind, here is what I’ll be wearing while being a tourist this week in London. Seeya later mate (trying to fit in a little)!



1. I am addicted to my chambray, similar to this from Madewell so I will absolutely be wearing it a lot on this trip; 2. A cute baseball cap from kate spade Saturday if it’s sunny and you need to protect your face; 3. A necklace because you still want to accessorize while you’re being a tourist! I love this one from Topshop for a pop of color; 4. You should always carry an umbrella in London, it might as well be cute like this one from Anthropologie; 5. A white tank for under my chambray – these BP double scoop neck tanks from Nordstrom are my fave; 6. I love a bright pant – and they look so great with chambray tops, especially in your vacay photos! I love these Toothpick jeans in Fresh Purple from J. Crew; 7. Our good camera – the Nikon D60 for all our photo taking; 8. ;My favorite Silver Sparkle Converse sneakers – the perfect urban sneaker for a gal who loves sparkle and comfort; and 9. A crossbody bag to hold all your stuff and wear comfortably all day. I have one the same shape and size as this kate spade bag and it’s perfect for travel.

Healthy Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

I feel like I have only been sharing serious desserts with you guys lately – aka, not healthy but totally yum. So, I thought it was time I share something a little better for your waistline today! I saw this recipe last week on Pinterest, immediately pinned it and decided I would actually make them (as opposed to everything else I pin). I made these late last week, and let me tell you, if you have the right expectations, these are delish! A traditional, chewy yummy cookie these are not. But if you’re watching what you eat but still want something sweet in your day, this is the cookie for you because there is no oil, no flour, no eggs, and no added sugar in these! Plus, as with everything I make, the recipe is pretty easy.


First, mash 2 bananas.



Then add the peanut butter, applesauce, spices, and vanilla – stir.


Add the oats, chocolate chips, and nuts – I used white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts.



Scoop 2-inch balls of dough onto your cookie sheet lined with parchment paper or a silpat.



Bake for 20 minutes at 350. Enjoy – these taste best while still a little warm!

Couple Things…

arnold-palmer bacon-jam lunchz-at-dr   z-min-cuppacking-for-london

We went to our favorite beach over the weekend and I got my favorite summer drink at their snack bar – an Arnie Palmer with a hint of fresh mint!

I made my husband bacon jam as part of his Father’s Day dinner on Sunday, it was as good as it sounds and we still have some in the fridge for later.

On Monday I had this amazing goat cheese, tomato, and zucchini (hidden under the cheese and tomatoes) flat-bread from the same farm where we went strawberry picking on Father’s Day.

Our little Z was sick all week =( Here she is doing a little reading while we wait for the doc.

And this is Z on our little lunch date beaming with glee because she has her own mini Panera cup/cover/straw to drink from…it’s the little things in life, right?

This is me trying to pack for London! It’s cold, rainy, sometimes warm, could be sunny….yikes!


Have a great weekend…you know where I’ll be!  =) Be sure to follow me on twitter to join in our London adventures!


What to Wear – Airplane Travel

So……… we’re going to London! And Glasgow! We leave tomorrow night! We are more than excited, as you can imagine. We have some friends living in Scotland right now so we thought we’d visit them and start with a jaunt in cheery ol London. So of course I had to share a little round-up of what I think is great to wear while you’re traveling on an airplane. I am against wearing your jammies as some people seem to do these days…but I am for wearing something totally comfortable. So here goes…



1. I start with a tank in case the plane is hot like this one from Zara…; 2. And also wear some sort of cardigan or wrap top like this one from J. Crew Factory; 3. I bring a Turkish Towel – they’re great to keep you warm on the plane if it gets chilly, and you can also use it on your trip as a picnic blanket, beach towel, or even a bath towel if you need one; 4. I always seem to wear jeans with a little stretch, like my favorites from Urban Outfitters; 5. I also pack a large carry-on like this one from Tory Burch so I have room for snacks, my kindle, iPhone, headphones, etc…; 6. I bring cute socks like these from Target to wear if you need to take off your bulky shoes (see #8); 7. Water. Airlines give out those tiny bottles nowadays which is not nearly enough. I buy the biggest bottle I can find once I’m at my gate in the airport; and 8. I always wear the bulkiest shoes I am packing for my trip to save room/weight in my suitcase. I’ll be wearing my Isaac Mizrahi Oletta Oxford Shoes.

26 Questions

Last week Melissa tagged me in this fun alphabet questionnaire. It kind of reminded me of middle school when you’d get a chain letter in the mail that you had to then send to 5 other friends or you’d be cursed with bad luck for the rest of your life. I don’t think not doing this questionnaire would lead to a lifetime of bad luck…or would it? Maybe I should do it. I’ll do it! So here we go, read away, get to know me better and see below to see if I tagged you. =)
The Alphabet Meme:

A: Attached or Single – Married, four years tomorrow in fact! (See above photo)

B: Best friend – Same guy I’m married to

C: Cake or pie – Cake.

D: Day of choice – Saturday. We always seem to be doing something fun on Saturdays!

E: Essential item – I have to say my iPhone – mostly for taking cute pics of my daughter.

F: Favorite color – Tough one, it changes all the time. Current: coral.

G: Gummy bears or worms – Not into any shape of gummy. Blech.

H: Hometown: Medfield.

I: Favorite indulgence- Potato chips

J: January or July – January for skiing! I like cold more than hot.

K: Kids – My Z.

L: Life isn’t complete without… –  See above answer.

M: Marriage date – June 20, 2009.

N: Number of handbags –  I mean, do I have to count them ALL? >25

O: Oranges or apples – Apples. 

P: Phobias – Mice. Rats. Mice. Hate.

Q: Quotes – “Fashion fades, only style stays the same.” ~Coco Chanel

R: Reason to smile – Spaghetti bolognese. And my family!

S: Season of choice – Fall – favorite season for fashion and weather!

T: Tag 5 people – I actually decided not to tag anyone – you’re welcome!  =)

U: Unknown fact about me – I am a clothes collector (hoarder?) and still have a few shirts from high school.

V: Vegetable – Broccoli.

W: Worst habit – Tardiness.  But I am always working on it and *think I’m getting better.

X: X-ray or ultrasound – Um, ultrasound I guess?

Y: Your favorite food – Pasta Bolognese!

Z: Zodiac sign – Scorpio

Photo by Main Event Weddings

Summer Shorts

I have a serious love/hate relationship with shorts. When it’s the heat of summer, they are pretty necessary but, I hate the way my legs look in them. My answer to this issue is actually very surprising…go shorter! Maybe it’s because I’m somewhat short (5’4″) but shorts that hit right above or at my knee are less than flattering. They just cut your leg in half making me even shorter – no thanks! So it turns out the most flattering shorts hit mid-thigh, which actually makes your legs look longer. I might add you should also size up in your shorts especially if they’re in a skinny cut – slightly baggy shorts hanging off your hips are much more flattering that hip-hugging tight shorts.

Here’s a little list of shorts I’ve been eying lately that fit my shorter/looser shorts rule…


1. I love these polka-dot chambray shorts from J. Crew Factory; 2. These sequin elastic waist shorts from LOFT are amazing and 40% off right now; 3. These Zara shorts with embroidered hems are no less than fabulous! They are currently sold out of every size but XS. Hopefully they re-stock soon!; 4. These AG Adriano Goldschmied pixie cutoffs from Shopbop are adorable and the perfect length. And I feel the same way about white shorts as I do white jeans; and 5. I love the print of these Lucky Brand Leela Ikat print shorts from Nordstrom.

What are your feelings about shorts?!

Strawberry Picking


For Father’s Day this year, we decided to go strawberry picking! We were down in Newport, RI and swung by Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown, RI to pick our strawberries and have a little lunch. We had a blast so I had share our day with you!


We walked to the strawberry patch…



…and walked some more…

Then Z took control of the picking right away, until we had a quality control issue.



So Daddy took her to eat some strawberries instead – they made it into an all-you-can-eat strawberry buffet…



…and I was left to do all the picking!



We got a great haul of strawberries…



…but we wondered if they would notice we ate as many as we picked?!


Stay tuned for some strawberry recipes next week!

Couple Things…


We went to Wagamama for noodles and they have the cutest kids menu. Z got the mini yaki soba and tried to use her chopsticks and didn’t end up getting anything in her mouth with them…but sure had fun trying.

Z and I had a little mommy/daughter brunch over the weekend while my husband golfed.

I got dolled up for the grocery store and wore my pistachio pants and peplum top…

..and a black J. Crew bangle with my daily jewelry.

We pulled up to the park for our Baby Bootcamp class and this scary creature landed on my mirror! I waited until he flew away to get out of the car.

I met friends for margaritas (and chips and salsa and quesadillas) last night – perfect end to the week!


Have a great weekend! And Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there! Don’t forget my gift guide if you still need to find a gift and my bowtie card if you need to make your dad a card.


J.Crew Collection Cafe Capri Pants in Beaded Medallion

I’m sorry, but have you seen these pants from J. Crew?


They’re pretty amazing, and I am devoting this entire blog post to them. They are $800 so I will definitely never own them, but I sure do think they are the most fabulous pants I have ever seen.



Close-up, you can see that their name is true. There is beading all over these J.Crew Collection Cafe Capri Pants in Beaded Medallion! You know I am a fan of beading and sequins, but I have never owned beaded pants. I think they would be amazing to wear to an event like a cocktail party where you don’t have to sit down. Wouldn’t beading on your bottom be slightly uncomfortable when you’re seated?

These pants are a silk-cotton faille and I would style them with a simple white tank, tucked in worn with a beautiful, bright yellow cashmere cardigan – if I’m wearing $800 pants, you bet I’m wearing cashmere! Then a bold pair of silver metallic strappy heals and a yellow-based patterned clutch. A girl can daydream, right?

I did find this great sweater with similar concept. It’s the J. Crew Jeweled Medallion Sweater, on double sale right now (it was cheaper in the store, btw – I ultimately paid $30 after all the discounts):

jcrew-jewelled-medallion-sweater-front jcrew-jewelled-medallion-sweater-back