Mother’s Day Recap

I didn’t think it could get better than last year, but yesterday I had the loveliest Mother’s Day so I wanted to share some details with you!


My Mother’s Day celebration actually started Friday afternoon when I got a manicure courtesy of MiniLuxe. I had them do an interesting take on a french manicure using my favorite Zoya pistachio green polish.



Sunday, I woke up to a bouquet of lovely spring flowers and donuts from Union Square donuts – and a little munchkin who decided to sleep til 8:30! *Note – she was up in the middle of night for a bit (when does all this teething end), but still…


styled-by-jess-mothers-day-recap-11styled-by-jess-mothers-day-recap-5 styled-by-jess-mothers-day-recap-6styled-by-jess-mothers-day-recap-10

And then we met my mom and sister (and dads and kids) for a yummy brunch at my sister’s club. Us moms and kids posed overlooking the 9th tee. *Photo Note – my Z had had enough at this point and was late for her nap! And look at my niece, mommy in training with her Bitty Baby and my little nephew, the woof-ing puppy!



I lounged, read, and relaxed while our Z finally took her nap in the afternoon…and after a quick trip to the playground to run around we had my favorite dinner – Pasta Bolognese, I am such a lucky mommy! I learned from my amazing mom so hopefully I will be the same for my Z!


Couple Things…

Here’s a photo recap of our week:

black-beans-cilantro-queso-frescomexican-towel-1 mexican-towel-2trader-joes-cheesezoe-giant-yellow-tulipstyled-by-jess-shorts

Cinco de Mayo continued with jazzed up leftovers (this is black beans cooked with cilantro topped with crumbled queso fresco).

Z has been using this little Mexican towel for snack time picnics ever since I got it out for Cinco de Mayo.

Here is that towel again while we were snack picnicking in the living room (yes, Z is trying to eat her pear with her toes).

We also shopped at Trader Joe’s for fancy cheese.

Our Z is obsessed with this giant yellow tulip in our front yard, she *smells* it every time we get home from somewhere before we go inside.

It was warm enough for shorts early in the week!

Hope you have a great weekend and Mother’s Day! Here are some fun links:

Met Ball recap…and gallery of dresses.  I loved SJP’s interpretation of the punk theme, who doesn’t love a fax-hawk at a formal event?

And the cartoon version!

Here’s an interesting article if you ever wanted to know why some people remember dreams and some don’t (I always seem to remember snip-its of dreams)…

Once you make your own butter, you can shred it for easy spreading!

Sometimes I appreciate a good Game of Thrones episode recap, so much happens in 1 episode!

And here is the most wonderful indulgent gift you can give to a new mother…

Wrap Dress

Boy, that Diane von Furstenberg sure did us all a favor inventing the wrap dress nearly 40 years ago. I have a couple wrap dresses that I don’t wear too much anymore now that I work from home. But, I had a meeting earlier this week and it was the perfect warm spring day so I pulled my cute little black polka dot wrap dress out to wear and remembered just how flattering and comfortable wrap dresses are. Wrap dresses have become a classic career-wear staple, thanks again Diane!

styled-by-jess-wrap-dress styled-by-jess-wrap-dress-2

Here are a few wrap dresses that are sure to make you look fab at work and super comfy to wear all day:


I had to start with a dress by DVF – a classic! This is the limited edition New Jeanne Two Dress. In fact, DVF has an entire Wrap Shop.


I love the colors of this Lauren Ralph Lauren Three-Quarter-Sleeve Patterned Matte Jersey wrap from Lord & Taylor too.


And this Alex & Ava Print Jersey Wrap Dress from Nordstrom is just adorable!


And this Oasis Butterfly Wrap Dress from Asos would be great for summer!

What to Wear – Mother’s Day Brunch

What mother doesn’t like to be taken out for brunch for Mother’s Day? I sure do! I always appreciate a reason to get dolled up and eat delicious food, I bet that’s not a surprise to hear. =) This year for Mother’s Day we’re heading to brunch with my mom and dad and my sister and her family. I think I’ll wear a springy dress and wear it with accessories similar to what I’ve rounded up below. By the way, isn’t this dress just great? I love that it’s coral but has some blues and pistachio green mixed in.


1. Asos Magic Spike Stone Drop Earrings; 2. Topshop Neon Jaquard Seam Shift dress (I love the pattern of this dress); 3. A manicure in essie‘s she’s pampered (my personal favorite red of the moment); 4. Pyramid Stud Waist Belt from Forever21; 5. Anthropologie Mom Necklace; 6. Finesse Ahead of Schedule tote (even on Mother’s Day, a mom always has lots to carry) from Modcloth; and 7. Asymmetric flat sandals from Zara (they come in yellow and orange, too!).

I hope you have a great Mother’s Day!

Spectacular and Easy Pasta Salad


Now that it’s getting warm and holidays like Memorial Day are right around the corner, I thought it time I share my spectacular and easy pasta salad “recipe.” It’s not really a recipe since I just mix a bunch of ingredients together, but there are a few key hints that I use making this pasta salad that make it delicious and therefore, why I wanted to share it with you…


Chop your veggies and put into a large bowl. I like to use red onion, green pepper, and grape tomatoes cut in half.



Cook your pasta according to the box directions, I like to use tri-color rotini and tortellini for a little extra flavor.



When the pasta is done, drain, and then immediately pour over your veggies. This step is key! Your pasta is SO hot (see how steamy this photo is?) it will slightly cook and soften your veggies to take the raw-ness out of them.



Immediately dress your salad. I am not fancy and use our favorite store-bought Italian right from the bottle.



Do add some extra pepper for flavor! Then cover and refrigerate for a few hours. The dressing will be absorbed by the pasta and everything will sort of meld together.



When the salad is chilled, right before you serve, sprinkle Feta cheese on top and fold to incorporate.



That’s it! So easy, so yummy, perfect summer side dish. Enjoy!

Anthro Shoes

I remember back in the day (I don’t know maybe around 2000, 2001?) going to the the Atrium Mall (RIP Atrium Mall) in Chestnut Hill with a specific mission to go to the giant Anthropologie, which was the first location in our area. The style back then was so new and unique and I remember always buying the most interesting finds to add to my wardrobe. Plus, the sale section at that location was always somewhat epic, taking up the entire back left corner of the store. Even though there are now Anthros everywhere and have become commonplace in local malls, I still love their overall aesthetic and certainly come out with unique finds every time I shop there.

I seem to always get lucky at the store and find my size in shoes in the sale section every time I look! Although now that I’ve shared that here, I hope I haven’t jinxed myself! I wore an awesome pair of Anthro sandals this weekend, for example, the black and white in the back is all beaded:


I was poking around their shoe department online over the weekend and found some really awesome spring shoes that I thought I’d share with you:


1. Reyn Flora Flats; 2. Velvet Weave Sandals; 3. Manx Oxfords; 4. Fisherman Rain T-straps; and 5. Sasha Braided Wedges

*I have no affiliation with Anthropologie, I just really like to shop there.  =)

Couple Things…

We had a good week around this house, here’s a photo recap:




(from the top, left to right)

We made ribbbbbbbs

We went biking!  Someone isn’t too thrilled about her bike-seat and can’t wait til she’s riding on her own… soon enough Z!

The weather was warm enough this week for sandals

Our tulips finally bloomed (we live on the shady side of the street)

Party prep

Random selfie, I just can’t get enough of my polka dot pants!


Have a great weekend – I hope you have fun Cinco de Mayo plans! I have you covered for recipe ideas, what to wear, and a super easy party decor idea. Here are a few fun links:

Don’t forget the Kentucky Derby is on Saturday!

I really can’t wait to see the Bergdorf Goodman documentary, opens in select theaters today!

An interesting article on the Vine app in the fashion industry.

These salted caramel cheesecakes look amazing!