What to Wear – Memorial Day

I am so excited that this weekend is Memorial Day – the start of summer – and a 3-day weekend! Do you have any plans? We’ll be heading to the coast this weekend maybe take a few walks, have a picnic, play on the playground, and of course….wear white jeans. Now, I know that old fashioned rule of “no whites before Memorial Day” is obsolete, but white jeans still mean summer to me. I love a bright white pair of white jeans paired with a bright top for the summer, don’t you? For me, white jeans replace my denim jeans for the summer and I feel like I wear them with everything – bright tops, stripes, neutrals. And I feel like I wear them to everything – weekend events, afternoon walks, and even dressed up for a night on the town. Here is how I’ll be wearing my white jeans this weekend in celebration of the (unofficial) start of summer:


1. Bright v-neck blouse from Zara; 2. Colorful vintage brooch from etsy. I’m into incorporating vintage brooches into outfits since my Brimfield finds over the weekend; 3. A nice bright orange/red nail – Hip-Anema from essie; 4. Sailors Knot Hinge Bangle from kate spade because I always equate nautical things with summer; 5. The colors and metallic stripe of this J. Crew Sea Bags medium tote just screams summer to me; 6. White Rockstar Super Skinny jeans from Old Navy because I personally cannot spend a lot on anything white because it gets dingy and/or stained so easily; and 7. Silver Saltwater Sandals for comfort while walking around all weekend.

I hope you have a great long weekend!

Brimfield Antique Show Recap

For the first time ever, I went to the Brimfield Antique Show over the weekend. From what I had read and heard it’s miles upon miles of antiques dealers, interesting food vendors, and hidden treasures everywhere. I got up super early, got Starbucks for the road, and met up with my mom and sister – Brimfield seems like a good ladies day out, right? We even drove in my dad’s giant SUV with half the backseat folded down to ensure we maximized the space we had for all our found treasures.

We arrived, found a parking lot fairly quickly, and started our hunt – that’s what you do at the Brimfield Antiques Show, hunt for treasures. Right off the bat, I found what would be my only purchases of the day, 3 adorable antique brooches. One very colorful with blues and oranges and a set of white flowers, 1 small, 1 large. From there we really dove in to the side streets filled with things like antique croquet sets, more jewelry and clothes, lots of furniture, some art, and – quite honestly – a lot of junk. I would categorize what we found into 3 categories 1. Odd (see giant foot below), 2. Over-priced (see the expensive, albeit beautiful, handmade birch lamp below), or 3. Junk (I didn’t really photograph the junk). Honestly, it was an experience and we had a fun day – and the people watching was of course amazing. Not sure I would go again unless I was in the market for a few different things like antique furniture or if I started collecting something like Fiestaware or antique skis (see below).

Here are some photo highlights of the day, can you believe we all happened to wear silver shoes?

brimfield-fair-5brimfield-fair-6brimfield-fair-1brimfield-fair-2  brimfield-fair-10brimfield-fair-3   brimfield-fair-8brimfield-fair-4   brimfield-fair-7brimfield-fair-9

Have you ever been to the Brimfield Fair? What was your experience?

PomPom Tank Top


I’ve had these adorable pompoms sitting in my home office/craft room since I found them at Anthropologie over the holidays. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with them until recently…I decided I’d sew them on a little shirt for Z! That way, she will look so cute in a DIY top and then when she outgrows it I can cut the pompoms off and reuse them.  But what should I make with them next time?! Let me know if you have ideas…



For the pompom tank, you’ll need: Tank top, needle, thread, sharp scissors, and the pompoms.



These pompoms have these little loops in them to make it nice and easy to attach them to a shirt.



The tank top I bought at Old Navy has a seam around the neckline where I sewed the pompoms onto the shirt. This made it easy to sew them on and hide the thread under the seam. See?



The other tip I have is to sew the pompoms on each side, then the middle, and then fill in between to make sure the pompoms are evenly spaced.



That’s it! How cute is this top?!

Couple Things…

mothers-day-flowers-in-the-bathroom j.crew-bird-shirt whole-foods-sushiwhole-foods-cream-puff-cake  zoe-tantrumzoe-playground


My mother’s day flowers are still going strong – I even put a few in the bathroom to spread them out…

A new way to wear my favorite J. Crew Sequin Birds top over a collared shirt (can you spy diaper-only Z?).

Got sushi from Whole Foods for dinner one night…

And were so tempted by this caramel cream puff cake!

Thursday started like this…

…but ended like this at our favorite playground!

And last, here is a fun outfit I wore mid-week with a jolt of neon yellow. I used the new A Beautiful Mess app, have you bought it yet? So much fun!

Have a great weekend! We have a fun 30th birthday to go to Saturday night and my mom, sister, and I are headed to the Brimfield Fair on Saturday! Wish us luck in our antiquing hunt, I will be sure to have a recap of our adventure next week.



Hi, my name is Jess and I wear glasses. I am really a closet glasses-wearer as I am in contacts all day and only take them out to wear my glasses when I am home at night and in the morning before I put them in.

My glasses career started way back in 3rd grade where it was almost a requirement to be embarrassed that you had to wear glasses, and boy was I. It didn’t help that my first pair were transparent pink with pink and white stripes above the eye – even at 8 years old I knew they were lame. It wasn’t until middle school that I had no choice and had to wear them all the time to see properly but the frames never got better – I moved from transparent pink to thin maroon wire (I know…).

When I grew up and got more mature – in high school! is when I made the switch to contacts and never looked back (pun intended). I had a whole rebirth of my look once I was glasses free – I wore a little make-up, got highlights in my hair, lost a little weight – voila – I was the new me.

Well, now I’m older, and I’d kind of like to not have to put my contacts in every single morning, especially when Z gets me up super early and my eyes are just…tired. But, I was still the owner of some super lame-o frames, you know – the ones that are covered by your insurance plan? The interesting cute frames are never covered.

Well here is where I have another rebirth (in terms of glasses) to tell you about.  I got a little coupon from BonLook in my swag bag from the Style Summit I attended and I picked out the coolest hipster glasses for myself…


Kind of Jenna Lyons-like, no? They arrived earlier this week in a box filled with glitter as if they knew that this was cause for celebration:



Thanks BonLook and really, my eyes thank you too.

What to Wear – Workout

We enjoy food in this house – if you read this blog, that is pretty clear. But we also live an active lifestyle to make sure we’re staying healthy and in balance to our foodie nature. We like to bike as a family, go for walks, and do lots of playground time. But my husband and I also carve out time for our own workouts to really stay in shape.  My husband runs and I do Baby Bootcamp classes a few times a week. Baby Bootcamp is exactly how it sounds – the moms do a bootcamp style workout while the babies are in their stroller until the end when they get out and run around themselves. These classes are the best invention ever and I’ve been doing them since Z was just 3 months old.

Sometimes it’s a drag to get in the habit of working out but one thing I have found that helps is replacing all your old dingy workout-wear with pieces that look nice and make you feel great. Here are a few of my favorites that I highly recommend. Have a great workout!


1. GapFit Breathe striped tank – this tank comes in great colors and is long so it is flattering for all; 2. Now that the weather is nice, our classes are outside so I need a visor to keep the sun off my face; 3. And I use this Neutrogena Ultimate Sport sunblock, it’s the best and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy or sticky; 4. Ladies, get a good sports bra like this one from Lululemon; 5. Odyssey Chaturanga Yoga Knickers from Athleta – these are technically yoga pants, but they are SO flattering! I have them in black and gray; 6. Sneakers, I like these Adidas kicks; and 7. Comfy, no-show socks from Under Armor, these are my favorite socks.

Flower Card


Late spring/early summer is such a busy time for celebrating: mother’s and father’s day, graduations, first communions, weddings, and for me – lots of people I know and love have birthdays this time of year! I made this lovely flower card for my mum for mother’s day but you could easily make it for another occasion as well.


You will need: double sided tape, puffy tape, marker (to match your color scheme) pen, needle, thread, button, a rubber stamp for the occasion, colorful paper, and a blank card and envelope.



First, cut out your flower petals. I folded my paper in half and cut out somewhat of a heart shape. You will need 4 petals total.



Tape the petals onto the blank card using your double sided tape.



Then cut out a leaf and tape that underneath the petals, peeking out. I thought just 1 leaf looked good, but it’s up to you!


Next, you’ll want to cut a circle out of paper (different color than your petals) with a small circle drawn in the center. Then, start cutting strips in the circle, stopping at the perimeter of the center circle. Do this around the entire circle.



Now comes the fun part! Sew a litle button right smack in the middle of the circle.



Then one by one, curl each cut out around your circle, do it by hand, or I curled some around a pen, too.



Draw some black lines with a sharpie coming out of the button. Then use some puffy tape to secure this piece in the center of your petals.



Make sure to customize the inside with a stamp or hand-written message. And there you have the cutest flower card!