Couple Things…

nautical-selfiefiat-with-mustache  strawberrieszoe-breakfast-with-cartoons shrimp-cocktailCSA-1banana-republic-and-milly watermelon-cocktail

I wore my any season skirt this week with a cute nautical anchor top.

Mint green, mustached Fiat – cutest car ever! Did I tell you the mustache was made with actual hair?

Strawberries are officially in season! I think we’ll be making these strawberry shortcake cookies soon….

Over the weekend – watching morning cartoons while eating breakfast, a rare treat!

My mom’s birthday dinner shrimp cocktail.

We had our first CSA pick-up of the season this week – lots of greens this week, looks like we’ll be eating some fresh salads!

I went to Banana Republic last night to see the new Milly line in person, I love the patterns and colors, so very Milly…

Then met some friends for cocktails and dinner. Our drinks took forever to get to us so we got the first round free…I’ll wait an extra 5 minutes any day for a free $12 cocktail!

Have a great weekend!


What to Wear – Summer Denim

I’ve already declared that in place of regular denim I like to wear white jeans in the summer. But then I was perusing the internet and found these amazing, lightweight jeans and I think I spoke too soon! I love the pattern of these pants that from afar look like they might be a blue tribal pattern…but close up you see that they are in fact floral. There is also piping down each leg to give them a tuxedo pant effect. So original! I had to think of an outfit idea and share them with you, you may be surprised, but I went mostly neutral to let the pants really shine. Let me know what you think and if you’d wear these pants in place of your heavier denim for summer.


1. Silk Cargo Tank from Madewell, worn loosely tucked in; 2. This navy Fan Necklace from J. Crew Factory makes the look; 3. Simple cardigan from J.Crew Factory, the pop of bright green looks great with the pants.; 4. The outfit would look great with my favorite navy nail essie‘s Bobbing for Baubles; 5. The pants! Looker Skinny Jeans from Mother at Shopbop; 6. My sister just got a new Tory Burch so that inspired me to pair this outfit with one of Tory‘s new Straw Basket Tote Bags for summer. I love the whole line but this one looks great with this outfit; and 7. I’ve been coveting these Studded espadrille slip-ons from Zara. You know how I love espadrilles…

Kite Park

How was your Memorial Day weekend? It was a wash-out around here but – by Sunday the rain had stopped and by Monday the sun had come back out! We celebrated the sun with a little trip to Brenton Point Park in Newport, RI – the best kite park around, according to me and probably quite a few others. We picnic at this park in the summer but this time we decided to fly our own kite too, since our Z is big enough to have fun with it.


We started off with a little picnic lunch, but our Z was chomping at the bit to get flying when she saw all the other kites at the park.



She worked with Daddy to get the kite going…



And then when it got up she pointed, squealed, and really wanted it to come back so she could play with it.



There wasn’t a cloud in the sky…



Then Daddy brought the kite down and…oops, tangled. Fun afternoon!

Pork Carnitas Tacos


We made these pork tacos last weekend and I am finally sharing the recipe with you which we found in the Food Network magazine. We like tacos in this house (who doesn’t, really?). But lately we’ve been making more traditional tacos because my husband loves meats cooked low and slow and/or braised and I am most willing to try meats cooked in this way when it’s wrapped in a tortilla with yummy toppings. We’re a match made in taco heaven, I tell ya!

Anyway, this was one of the simplest and tastiest tacos we’ve made to date. All we did was braise the pork, make the pickled red onions, add a few strips of shredded cabbage and served. No extra toppings and these tacos were totally YUM.  You really should make these immediately.  😉



Braise your pork in juice of 2 limes, 1 orange, 1C water, 1/2C oil with spices (5 cloves garlic, 5 sprigs thyme, and 2 bay leaves). Bring to a simmer, then cover, reduce heat to low, and cook for one hour.



Take lid off and cook for another 1 hour, 15 minutes. Then, increase heat to medium and cook another 35 minutes or so until all the liquid is gone.



Once the liquid has evaporated, turn the heat on high so the pork starts to fry. Cook for 10 minutes or so until the pork is golden brown and slightly crispy….so good!



For the pickled red onions combine thinly sliced onions with 1C cider vinegar, 1/2C Water, 2Tbs sugar, 2 bay leaves, 1Tsp each coriander, mustard  and cumin seeds, 1/2 Tsp dried oregano, and 1/4 Tsp salt in a saucepan. Boil for 2 minutes and let cool before serving.

I’m telling you – the crunch of the pork with the pickled red onions is so good. Enjoy!

Happy Memorial Day!


I hope your unofficial start to summer today is great – even if the weather is more like rainy spring, not sunny summer. I’ll still be wearing this! And we made our basic cole slaw this weekend, the perfect summer cookout food, only this time we used a bag of shredded broccoli and carrots we found at our grocery store in place of the cabbage.

And don’t forget what this day is really about – honoring those men and women who have died while serving in the Armed Forces. To them I say thank you!

Couple Things…

zoe-pompom-tank-top-2pink-flowergeorgetown-cupcapes-newbury-street-1 georgetown-cupcapes-newbury-street-2  blueberry-muffinszoe-looking-out-window

Z loves her pompom tank, but I am not sure how long those pompoms will actually stay attached. D’oh.

We have 2 really nice, large rhododendron plants in our yard and they suddenly bloomed earlier this week!

We went to a 30th birthday party Saturday night where the drinks were strrrrrong. We decided Georgetown cupcakes would help us feel better the next morning.

We tried vanilla birthday, hummingbird (banana bread cupcake w/ cream cheese icing!), chocolate squared, and lava fudge.

Since blueberries are in season, we made some yummy muffins from our favorite recipe.

Lately, Z loves to stand on our bay window, look outside, and play with our Christmas Cactus.


Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Delicate Bracelets

I have been really into delicate bracelets lately. I think they are just great for layering all together and you can add something chunky to your wrist to wear with them as well. You’ve seen what delicate bracelets I wear as my daily bracelets that are my “base” so to speak, but here are some others I’ve been pining after:


1. kate spade Saturday‘s Skinny Rectangle Bracelet. How cute is this? And it comes in six different colors; 2. Of course Alex and Ani bracelets are perfect for layering, I have one similar to this one with my Z’s birthstone; 3. Anthropologie‘s Marina Wrap bracelet. I love that this is so delicate! And it’s a nautical theme, which I think is perfect for summer; 4. Jewelry from Dogeared is so delicate and simple it’s made for layering. Here is their classic and bestselling Karma bracelet; 5. Shopbop has a huge collection of delicate bracelets, if you’re in the market. I love this Bloom Disk Bracelet from Gorjana with a tiny bit of color.

What to Wear – Memorial Day

I am so excited that this weekend is Memorial Day – the start of summer – and a 3-day weekend! Do you have any plans? We’ll be heading to the coast this weekend maybe take a few walks, have a picnic, play on the playground, and of course….wear white jeans. Now, I know that old fashioned rule of “no whites before Memorial Day” is obsolete, but white jeans still mean summer to me. I love a bright white pair of white jeans paired with a bright top for the summer, don’t you? For me, white jeans replace my denim jeans for the summer and I feel like I wear them with everything – bright tops, stripes, neutrals. And I feel like I wear them to everything – weekend events, afternoon walks, and even dressed up for a night on the town. Here is how I’ll be wearing my white jeans this weekend in celebration of the (unofficial) start of summer:


1. Bright v-neck blouse from Zara; 2. Colorful vintage brooch from etsy. I’m into incorporating vintage brooches into outfits since my Brimfield finds over the weekend; 3. A nice bright orange/red nail – Hip-Anema from essie; 4. Sailors Knot Hinge Bangle from kate spade because I always equate nautical things with summer; 5. The colors and metallic stripe of this J. Crew Sea Bags medium tote just screams summer to me; 6. White Rockstar Super Skinny jeans from Old Navy because I personally cannot spend a lot on anything white because it gets dingy and/or stained so easily; and 7. Silver Saltwater Sandals for comfort while walking around all weekend.

I hope you have a great long weekend!

Brimfield Antique Show Recap

For the first time ever, I went to the Brimfield Antique Show over the weekend. From what I had read and heard it’s miles upon miles of antiques dealers, interesting food vendors, and hidden treasures everywhere. I got up super early, got Starbucks for the road, and met up with my mom and sister – Brimfield seems like a good ladies day out, right? We even drove in my dad’s giant SUV with half the backseat folded down to ensure we maximized the space we had for all our found treasures.

We arrived, found a parking lot fairly quickly, and started our hunt – that’s what you do at the Brimfield Antiques Show, hunt for treasures. Right off the bat, I found what would be my only purchases of the day, 3 adorable antique brooches. One very colorful with blues and oranges and a set of white flowers, 1 small, 1 large. From there we really dove in to the side streets filled with things like antique croquet sets, more jewelry and clothes, lots of furniture, some art, and – quite honestly – a lot of junk. I would categorize what we found into 3 categories 1. Odd (see giant foot below), 2. Over-priced (see the expensive, albeit beautiful, handmade birch lamp below), or 3. Junk (I didn’t really photograph the junk). Honestly, it was an experience and we had a fun day – and the people watching was of course amazing. Not sure I would go again unless I was in the market for a few different things like antique furniture or if I started collecting something like Fiestaware or antique skis (see below).

Here are some photo highlights of the day, can you believe we all happened to wear silver shoes?

brimfield-fair-5brimfield-fair-6brimfield-fair-1brimfield-fair-2  brimfield-fair-10brimfield-fair-3   brimfield-fair-8brimfield-fair-4   brimfield-fair-7brimfield-fair-9

Have you ever been to the Brimfield Fair? What was your experience?

PomPom Tank Top


I’ve had these adorable pompoms sitting in my home office/craft room since I found them at Anthropologie over the holidays. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with them until recently…I decided I’d sew them on a little shirt for Z! That way, she will look so cute in a DIY top and then when she outgrows it I can cut the pompoms off and reuse them.  But what should I make with them next time?! Let me know if you have ideas…



For the pompom tank, you’ll need: Tank top, needle, thread, sharp scissors, and the pompoms.



These pompoms have these little loops in them to make it nice and easy to attach them to a shirt.



The tank top I bought at Old Navy has a seam around the neckline where I sewed the pompoms onto the shirt. This made it easy to sew them on and hide the thread under the seam. See?



The other tip I have is to sew the pompoms on each side, then the middle, and then fill in between to make sure the pompoms are evenly spaced.



That’s it! How cute is this top?!