Boston – You’re My Home

I can’t believe everything happening in my city right now.  It’s scary, frightening, and terrifying all at once. But the biggest takeaway as I watched the news, read through Facebook updates, and my twitter feed is that as much fear as an event like this brings it also brings a huge sense of community, brother and sisterhood, and hometown pride.  I think I’ll focus on that.


Asparagus Couscous


As always, we are looking for seasonable side dishes to serve for dinner. Since our CSA doesn’t start for a couple more months, we thought for spring we’d eat a lot of asparagus and peas.  Well, adapted from this Martha Stewart recipe I saw on Pinterest, we made this very simple (and quick!) Asparagus Couscous.  We used chicken stock and a few squeezes of lime juice instead of just water for more flavor.


Cut your asparagus into 1-inch pieces and boil in 2C chicken stock for 2 or 3 minutes.



Add zest and juice of half a lime. Add 1C couscous, cover, and let sit for 5 minutes.



Uncover, season with s&p, and fluff with a fork.



Serve and enjoy (we served with herbed salmon)!

Croissant-Making Class Date Night!


Last week, my husband and I went on a little mid-week date.  Instead of our usual date of trying a new restaurant or catching a movie…we went to a class at our local Community Education program on how to make croissants! Who doesn’t love a croissant – flaky, buttery…delicious. We especially fell hard for this pastry on our honeymoon in France where we did so much biking it didn’t matter if we started each day with pan au chocolat.  So what better way to spend a date than learning how to make them ourselves! In all honesty, we did not become french pastry experts at this 2-hour class held at the local high school’s basement kitchen (shocker) but we sure did have fun, which is always the point of a date, right?  Here’s how our night went:


It was daylight when we arrived.



Here’s the kitchen – one of the stoves (and spell-check) didn’t seem to be working.



We made our dough.



We rolled it out and incorporated one flattened stick of butter into it with a series of folding and rolling.



Did you know once you’re done folding, rolling (and repeating many times) you end up with 72 layers in a croissant?!


Since the entire process of making the dough, letting it rise, chilling it, rolling it, folding it, repeat! takes about 7 hours start to finish, the teacher brought some croissants she had made beforehand for us to bake and enjoy.



We took our uncooked croissants home with us for one last chill in the fridge overnight and then baked in the morning for fresh croissants for breakfast!

Couple Things…

Hope your week was good!  As you may have noticed my site was down for a few days, so frustrating.  I had a little trouble with my website hosting service but we’re all good now.  We got to spend so much time outside this week which was great. Our Z is just big enough now to enjoy the playground!  Well, it’s a mini playground with a mini slide and a mini table and chairs but she LOVES it and I LOVE taking her, she squeals in delight as we drive up – what’s cuter than that? Here is a photo recap of our week:


She found the Swiffer!



My husband and I had a date night this week and attended a class on how to make croissants. We came home with croissants AND dough to make many more… more on this on Monday’s post!



We went out to dinner and Z’s meal came with a Hoodsie – her first Hoodsie, I think we were more excited than she was.  She wouldn’t eat it, she just picked at it with the little wooden spoon thing.  I’ll have to tell her someday that she refused to eat sweets at this age…I’m not complaining and am sure it won’t last long!



It was finally warm enough around here to wear sandals earlier this week!



Maxine made her way to her favorite hiding/nap spot in our bedroom.  I was in the room for about 10 minutes until I knew she was there!  We have a bell around her neck for a reason, she’s sneaky that Maxine…


Here are a few fun links – have a great weekend!!

Hunger Games will be filming in Boston this fall!

A little photo tour of Kate and Andy Spade’s Southampton home.

How to find a 25th hour in your day!

Here’s Gwyneth looking fabulous and fashionable on her book tour.

Just a little PSA about skin cancer – get your moles checked!!

And I’ll end with this little prank aimed at all of us who love to Instagram pics of our food, ha! I love when he brings in his lighting guy.


What to Wear – April Showers

April is know to be a rainy month, so what should you wear to still look great but stay dry? I tend to like to wear bright colors on gloomy, rainy days – do you? I’ve put together a cute and colorful outfit below to give you some ideas.   Sidenote: I just bought the little raincoat and it’s SO cute.  It’s very thin, which will be great for warmer weather.  I love that it’s the shape of a trench but also has a hood for when it’s especially down-pouring and you’re caught without an umbrella.



1. Oriental print shirt from Zara – a floral top under your raincoat is great to remind you spring flowers are on their way; 2. A Longchamp, the perfect waterproof bag; 3. Hooded tartan trench form Anthropologie, on sale right now; 4. Sleek Lifeproof waterproof iPhone case to protect your phone as you text in the rain; 5. Colorful Marimekko print umbrella; 6. J. Crew toothpick jean in huron; and 7. I love these rainboots by Kamik, they’re a great height and the little crest is cute and preppy.

Elizabeth Street – Street Style

This past Friday, my little Z and I were featured as the latest mom and child on Elizabeth Street – Street Style.  Elizabeth Street is a site where “stylish moms meet” so we were thrilled to be noticed for our street style. Check out my interview!

It was so hard trying to figure out what to wear for our photo shoot so we ended up doing it on Easter Sunday when I was wearing this.  Then I put Z in an every day outfit – the one that needed a special little accessory to make the outfit come together.  Here are some outtakes from the photo shoot:

DSC_0970DSC_0975 DSC_0973

All of that said – I did the interview because I am trying to grow this little blog and have more and more people read it! So first, thank you for reading and please continue to do so.  I post fresh, original content every weekday! If you like what you read, please comment on the post (I guess if you don’t like what you read you can comment too, but be nice about it 😉 ).  You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest – just click the little buttons you see on the top right of the screen.

Thanks for reading!


Couple Things…

I just have a few photos to share this week and they’re mostly from Easter Sunday.  We had a trying few days with a grumpy/tired/teething/whining girl and days like that don’t seem to beget many photos. She seems to have gotten out of her funk though just in time for the weekend! I have some fun girl plans Saturday night (shower and mom’s night out!) but other than that we’ll be doing some good old hanging out as a family.


Here is a photo from our first egg hunt on Easter Sunday, Z kept the ears on the entire time and found all 8 hidden eggs all by herself!



We did seem to capture a nice family photo at our second egg hunt of the day and look how proud she was of herself after gathering another 6 eggs at our Church egg hunt!



We brought this orange and poppy seed cake to Easter dinner and it got rave reviews, you should definitely try the recipe!



Look at this face! Even when we have a bad week of moody grumpiness and I remember just how hard this parenting thing is…I am always reminded that she is just the best thing ever.  =)


Have a great weekend!  Here are some fun links:

After Z’s crazy days I immediately bought this book.  Have you read it?  Was it worth buying?

New Great Gatsby trailer – can’t wait to see this movie!

We just bought our Z a play kitchen, but the link to this DIY one has been floating around this week, I love it!

RIP Roger Ebert.

Game of Thrones’ Facebook page.


Quick DIY Flower Pin


I am a firm believer that accessories can make an outfit.  When you want to look particularly “put together” you always add a special accessory or two, right?  Well, we were taking some family photos over the weekend and our little Z’s outfit was missing something. I quickly realized she needed a special accessory to really make her outfit come together: yes – even 17 month old toddlers need to accessorize!

I remembered this little polka dot pistachio green flower I bought on sale at Joann’s forever ago and decided to make it into a quick pin for her cardigan.  It was so simple!


All I needed was a large safety pin and the flowers.  The package came with two flowers attached to twist ties.


DIY-flower-pin-accessory-2First, twist the twist tie around twice onto the pin.  Twist very tightly so it’s very secure.



Then, wrap the ends of the twist tie all around the pin.  You’re ready to wear – yes, it was that easy!



BEFORE. Now, she is a spectacularly cute and  sweet girl [in my opinion ;)], we are just talking about outfit here, people!



AFTER – Doesn’t this little pin just make her outfit?

What to Wear – Floral Patterns

I mentioned last week that I like the spring trend of floral patterns but to be careful because all those flowers could easily become too much.  Don’t you agree?  You should also be mindful of what wardrobe piece you are buying in a floral pattern.  You want to look for modern cuts when you’re shopping for floral because you could easily look matronly.  For example: a floral skinny leg pant? Great. A floral collared button down shirt? Matronly.

I have put together a great outfit below for an example of how to best wear the floral trend – even with more than one floral piece:


1. Threadbloom blouse from Anthropologie worn tucked in; 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs bright orange cardigan from Bloomingdales; 3. Colorful beaded tea necklace (only $38! btw) from Swell Caroline; 4. Bright hair ties for your ponytail from Nordstrom; 5. Floral print trousers by Zara, these are a great outfit base because although they’re floral, they are almost considered neutral with the simple 2-color pattern; 6. Willow Road Gia handbag from Kate Spade; and 7. J. Crew Green etta pumps.