Couple Things…

What a week – you can definitely tell Spring is in the air…that foot of snow we got last Friday is just about gone!  This weekend we’re excited to hit the slopes for probably one last time this season and then we’re going to a little birthday party for my niece (turning 6!!) and my nephew (already 3!!). Time flies, huh?

Here is a photo recap of our week:


Two words: PLAY KITCHEN!


ikea-visit (2) ikea-visit3ikea-visit (1)ikea-visit-4

We got the above mentioned play kitchen at Ikea and kind of had a blast while we were there.  Z tried out every table and chair in the kid section, look how serious she took it!  I also thought this rug would be fab if I had a home in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or that neck of the woods.


bloomingdales-boston-globe-tea-fashion-show-1 bloomingdales-boston-globe-tea-fashion-show-2bloomingdales-boston-globe-tea-fashion-show-4bloomingdales-boston-globe-tea-fashion-show-3

I went to a fun afternoon tea/fashion show at Bloomingdale’s with my friend Amelia. The tea part was great, the fashion show could’ve used a little more fashion (only 15 looks!). I wore my favorite J.Crew bow pants.



We went out for sushi!  This photo is deceivingly calm…the restaurant where we ate didn’t have high chairs so while we were chop sticking and dunking into soy sauce, our munchkin was ripping apart the table.  It was what they call “a disaster.”  At one point my husband grabbed bungee cords from the car to bungee her to a seat…yeah, that didn’t work either.


Have a great weekend, here are some fun links:

Shake Shack Chestnut Hill opens Wednesday 3/20 – can’t wait to try!

More Jenna Lyons from J. Crew, I love those glitter-heeled shoes…

Clothes do make the man, at least this character from Girls.

Aren’t these flower-print shoes adorable?  They would be great with what I’m thinking of wearing for Easter…

Blue Apron for Dinner

If you haven’t guessed, we enjoy food in this house, and we really enjoy making food.  Trouble is, we’re always wanting to try new recipes and ideas and sometimes, frankly, it’s exhausting.  Well, we found a sale on Ruelala recently for a site called Blue Apron and we knew we had to give it a try.  You sign up and the ingredients to make 3 complete meals are delivered right to your door. It’s the perfect way to try new recipes without a) having to figure out what to make or b) having to go out and shop for the ingredients.

Blue-Apron-Dinner (3)

Your ingredients arrive with a nice letter making you excited for your cooking adventure!


Blue-Apron-Dinner (2)

 Our ingredients to make: Chicken Saltimbocca, Pork Ragu, and Cod Coconut Curry.

Blue-Apron-Dinner (1)

I especially enjoyed the “Knick Knacks” bag filled with spices and smaller ingredients like chile peppers and ginger.

Blue-Apron-Dinner (4)

They make the recipes super easy to follow along with photos.

Blue-Apron-Dinner (6)

This is the Cod Coconut Curry with Baby Bok Choy and Yukon Gold Potatoes.  Overall it was good – but it was very spicy and there was a lot of grittiness to the bok choy even though we thoroughly washed it.


This is the Chicken Saltimbocca with Rosemary Roasted Potatoes.  This one was very good – you can’t go wrong with a meal with cheese and prosciutto, it was also Z’s favorite.


This is the Fresh Rigatoni with Spicy Pork Ragu.  This was also very good, but the most that we feel we could and would make ourselves.  You can’t beat fresh pasta though, it was from a place in New Jersey.

Overall, we had a great experience with Blue Apron and three fabulous meals.  The ingredients were fresh (accept one rotten onion) and very interesting (we had never worked with Birdseye Chiles before). We also don’t use many fresh herbs so that was a real treat to use them in every meal.

Easter Crafts – Easter Straws


I am starting a new series today of Easter crafts – one or a two a week until Easter, which is March 31st this year.  For my first craft, I thought it would be fun to make brightly spring-colored drinking straws for Easter this year.  They will add pops of color to your Easter dinner table and can even be used as place cards if you write names on the back of each one.  These are really easy to make with lots of room for your own style and color pallet to make them work for your Easter celebration.


You’ll need: Straws, colorful foam sheets with adhesive backs, sharp scissors, a pen, shapes to trace (if you don’t want to draw free hand).


First, make your shapes.  I made Easter Eggs and Easter Bunnies and used a sample to trace so they would all be the exact same size.  Trace on the back of your foam.


Then go crazy decorating the front with more shapes cut from the foam. I also used double sided dots and squares to make designs with glitter as you see above.


If you do this make sure to cover these ones in a thin layer of Mod Podge to seal the glitter. You don’t want glitter falling into anyone’s drink!


After the shape is decorated, peel the back of the foam off and stick to the straw. Then stick a plain version of the same shape and color on the back and stick together.


Colorful Easter Straws – drink up!

What to Wear – St. Patrick’s Day Parade

I used to go to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston’s Southie EVERY year.  You’d wear green, dress in layers, have some Guinness – it was always a blast.  I haven’t been in a couple years (you can imagine why – a little someone whose name begins with a Z) but if I were going this year, I would wear something like this.  Luck ‘o the Irish!


1. Hat from Zazzle; 2. Long sleeve t-shirt from Cafe Press; 3. Claddagh ring from; 4. A can of Guinness; 5. BDG Jeans from Urban Outfitters; 6. Madewell’s coral jean jacket for a pop of color (other than green); 7. Four leaf clover socks; and 8. Green Converse sneakers.

Hi, it’s Jess.

Welcome to the new  It’s pretty snazzy, right?  Take a look around, let me know what you think.

I’ve been blogging for a couple years now.  I have such fun doing it because it’s my way to share all the creative and stylish thoughts and ideas that I have swimming around in my head at all times.  I really enjoy creating these posts and I hope you enjoy reading them.

I have to publicly thank my cute husband for helping redesign my site, I honestly had no clue how to do any of it and he patiently helped me throughout the process.

Have a good Monday – back to normal posts tomorrow!


Couple Things

We had a good week around here, we weren’t too busy, which is nice so we could appreciate the simple things.  The biggest news I have is I will reveal a major blog redesign on Monday!  Make sure to check first thing Monday morning – I’d love to hear your feedback when the new site is revealed!

Here’s a photo recap of our week:


My obsession with pistachio green began when I found this necklace at J. Crew Factory.








We got Z some mega blocks and she has been building towers ever since…  This baby is going to be a lego kid just like her daddy.  =)

Blue-Apron-Dinner (3)

We got our ingredients for our Blue Apron meals – more on this next week!










I am excited to start making Easter crafts!  I will have start sharing ideas next week…

Have a great weekend, here are some fun links:

J.Crew behind the scenes Spring/Summer 2013 presentation.

Shirley MacLaine is back for season 4 of Downton Abbey!

Here is a fun interview with working mom and Crewcuts designer Jenny Cooper.

Bloomingdales interviews Milly designer Michelle Smith about her Spring 2013 collection. I cannot seem to get enough of her bright preppy prints!

This new Marimekko print Converse sneaker line is awesome I love the yellow flower high tops the best.

Grilled Veggie and Goat Cheese Sandwich

For lunch I usually eat something boring like a Lean Cuisine or turkey sandwich.  The other day we had some leftover goat cheese that had to be used up and I recalled an episode of Giada at Home on Food Network where she made a delicious grilled vegetable sandwich with goat cheese spread on the bread.  I made my own version of that and it was just spectacular – more indulgent than a low cal Lean Cuisine, but worth it!

Mix about 2 oz room temperature goat cheese with chopped chives.
Mix olive oil with herbs – parsley, oregano, rosemary, s&p.
Mix veggies with oil and grill them, I used red onion and zucchini.
Brush remaining seasoned oil on your bread, I used ciabatta.
Once veggies were almost done I added roasted red peppers.  Grill your bread, too.
Spread your goat cheese on the bread when it’s right off the grill.
Add veggies.


What to Wear – Pistachio Green

Have you heard? Apparently pistachio green is THE color of spring, 2013. It’s a bright, minty green and goes well with neutrals, metallics, and even coral if you’re daring – see below!

We were up skiing over the weekend and on the second day we were very cliche and while the men skied, my mom, Z, and I did a little outlet shopping. I found a fabulous necklace in pistachio green and my mom found jeans. I thought I would put together an outfit of how to wear this spring’s it color – it’s the exact necklace and jeans we bought this weekend.  Note – wearing all of these items all at once is overkill, but I wanted to show that pistachio green is everywhere!


1. Neon stone and crystal necklace by J.Crew Factory; 2. Zoey sunglasses from Banana Republic; 3. Sparkle and shine bobbi set from; 4. Eye shadow pallette from shu uemura; 5. Mesilla peasant blouse from anthropologie; 6. Not Your Daughter‘s Jill fitted ankle jeans; 7. Zoya nail polish in Neely; 8. Beaded pouch from anthropologie; and 9. Clear sandals from Forever 21.

Review of essie Repstyle Nail Polish

I’ve been seeing essie’s new snakeskin magnetics repstyle line at CVS and Target for a while now and I finally bought a bottle to try. I was very skeptical if it would work or not – you hold the magnetic cover over your nails and it instantly creates this snakeskin pattern – how?!  I know patterned nails are big right now and this would be a much easier and less timely way to have interesting nails.

I picked the snake rattle and roll color and followed the directions carefully:

Paint your usual base coat followed by one coat of the repstyle polish.
Paint the second coat of color one finger at a time.  Immediately after you paint a finger, hold the magnetic side of the cap as close to the nail as possible for 5 seconds.
Last, paint with your usual top coat.
Here is my right hand all painted and magnetized – looks cool!  Here are some tips:
1. You have to hold that bottle cap CLOSE to your fingers for this to work
2. You should also sort of move it around the curve of your nail, otherwise just the top of your nail will get the pattern.  I did my left hand first and that’s why my right hand came out much better.
3. Hold for 10 seconds (not their recommended 5).
4. Don’t paint with too much polish or else the pattern won’t appear.  The more polish you use, the less clear the pattern is.

It’s Going to be a Dottie Neon Spring

After I posted about Spring attire last week, I realized that most of the clothes I’ve bought for our little Z for the season are either polka dot and/or neon.  Certainly not a bad thing!  Here are some other cute things I scooped up for her:


Robeez bow crazy mini shoez in hot pink!

babyGap dot pleated dress
babyGap picot dot top – this is a great, bright, lime green in person


Old Navy gold dot foil leggings
Carter’s neon hair clips
babyGap dot baseball t


Zara velour jacket – check out the gold polka dots on the lining of the sweater – love!