Couple Things…

Happy Friday!  I’m just going to jump into the photo recap of our week since so much happened:


We went to the bike shop to get Z a helmet so we can start doing some family rides.  She immediately fell in love with this teeny tiny Specialized hot pink bike…soon enough baby girl! Then she and daddy took a spin with her new helmet, I think she’s going to like biking…



We went out to dinner at our favorite local B.Y.O.B. Mexican place that we learned finally got their liquor license. We’re disappointed because we like to bring our own bevs! Oh well, the food is great and we all love the chips. (Yes, she is wearing her DIY Peter Pan collar shirt!)


jess-and-betsy-at-birchbox-madewell-party birchbox-madewell-party-2birchbox-madewell-partyselfie-birchbox-madewell-partybirchbox-madewell-party-3

My sister and I went to a fun party at Madewell hosted by Birchbox. They had Pimms cocktails with blueberry, cucumber and mint (a surprisingly great combination), mini cupcakes, Pinkberry, and a braid bar.  So FUN! And we may have bought a couple things for spring…



And our cat Maxine – those sweaters were freshly laundered!


Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!  Here are some fun links from the week:

You have to watch this mini-documentary about the Newport Folk Festival!  Dad, you’ll especially enjoy this link if you haven’t seen it already…

This is the best performance by the Backstreet Boys I’ve ever seen…

I love the colors and florals from Zara Home’s Spring line!

If you need some ideas for what to make for Easter Brunch, here you go.

GP has a new cookbook coming out – here is an interview with her about her recipe inspirations.

Easter Crafts

I thought I’d give you a quick recap of all my Easter craft series, but first some related exciting news!  If you read this blog, you know by now that I am a big fan of Martha Stewart – her crafts, her recipes, etc… – I even subscribed to Martha Stewart Living when I was 12 years old!!  Anyway, late last week when I saw her Twitter contest for Easter crafts I thought I’d enter and then she actually re-tweeted the photo of my adorable Easter straws, check it out:


  It’s a thrilling moment when the queen of crafting (or I’m sure it was her staff, but still) thinks your crafts are good enough to share (and by the way, she wasn’t re-tweeting any other entries). Thanks Martha!

Here’s the recap of my Easter Crafts Series:


Easter Straws


Polka Dot Easter Eggs


Colorblock Neon AND Glitter Eggs


Easter Egg Tree

Fashion Florals

Florals are everywhere right now, have you noticed?  You can *literally* get any form of fashion in a floral pattern right now.  I personally think we should all tread lightly with this floral trend but there are some pieces that are just lovely.  Here’s a little round up of some florals that I’ve been coveting and next week I’ll have a “What to Wear – Florals” to share.


  Loeffler Randall Lock Clutch Tucker Floral with Graphic Printed Fabric from Piperlime


H&M Floral jacket (only $30!)



 7 For All Mankind Cropped Skinny Jeans tropical paradise from  Shopbop


J.Crew Floral Stripe Tee


Adorable floral shoes from Sole Society

Floral peplum one-piece - ivory frost

I can get my Z involved in the trend with this floral peplum one-piece from babyGAP


And my husband with these floral cufflinks from Zara

Easter Crafts – Easter Egg Tree


Now that we have all these colorful and fancy Easter Eggs – we need something to hang them on!  This Easter Egg Tree is so easy to make.



You’ll need: florist wet foam, twigs (I used curly willow), a vase, fish tank gravel (I used the kind that look like mini rocks).


Easter-egg-branches (2) Easter-egg-branches (1)

Cut your brick of florist wet foam to size and then trim the corners so the gravel can get all around and cover it.


Easter-egg-branches (4)

Stick your curly willow (or pussy willow would be nice too) into the foam.  Put the branches in at an angle so they are not sticking straight up.


Easter-egg-branches (3)

Once you like the placement of your branches, pour the gravel over the foam and make sure all the green is covered.


Easter-egg-branches (5)

Decorate your branches with your Easter eggs and enjoy your colorful centerpiece. Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

Easter Crafts – Colorblock Easter Eggs

Colorblock in neon AND glitter!  These were so fun to make and fairly easy so you definitely have time to make these before this Sunday.


You’ll need:  eggs (I blew the eggs out, Martha has great directions on how to do so), egg dying kit (I bought the kind you find at the grocery store), Mod Podge, water, glitter, a brush, and a needle and thread.



First, dye your eggs according to your kits’ instructions.  I bought the Paas brand in neon, because why not!



Once your eggs are dyed and dried, string them so you can a) hang them later and b) use the string to help with the glitter steps.



I ended up putting a dot of hot glue on the bottom of each egg to make sure the string stayed secure.



Then it’s time to glitter!  To get the real colorblock look, I covered half of each egg in glitter.  I watered down my Mod Podge a bit and then painted it onto the egg. Make sure you make straight lines so your glitter goes on straight.



Shake on the glitter.



Clean up with a brush.



Hang to dry and decorate your tree (tutorial tomorrow!) and voila – a colorful neon glittery colorblock Easter!

What to Wear – Easter Sunday

To me, Easter Sunday, no matter when it falls on the calendar, is always an excuse to get dolled up in spring-y clothes.  This year, even though we’ll be celebrating in about a week and there will (most likely) be snow on the ground, I am still dawning an outfit fit for a spring afternoon.  I showed you last week what our Z will be wearing, so now it’s my turn!


1. Smocked crepe blouse from Old Navy; 2. Belle Fleur Statement Collar from kate spade; 3. Dark blue spring-weight coat from H&M; 4. Grey polka dot pants, old, from Anthro; 5. Easter Lilly; 6. Colorful floral Nine West shoes from Zappos; and 7. Jewel in the Rough Pouch from Anthro.

Couple Things…

What a week!  There were a couple annoyances – I had an allergic reaction to Aspirin (I know, weird) and then later in the week slipped on ice and hurt my elbow…but we had some great things too – I met some old friends for dinner one night and then I had a night in with Z the next night when my husband met up with his pals.  Here are some other highlights from the week:


We celebrated our heritages in food: Irish Soda Bread on St. Patrick’s day (I’m Irish) and Italian pastries on St. Joseph’s Day (my husband is 1/2 Italian [and 1/2 German]).



We ate linguini on our girls night in.  =)



I was at an event at the Ritz this week where they had individually wrapped jelly beans – so cute!



Someone has learned how to slam doors and has too much fun doing so.


I hope you have a great weekend, here are some links from the week:

I am not embarrassed to say one of our big weekend plans is to try the newly open Shake Shack in Chestnut Hill.  Here are some ordering tips if you’re going there too.

Congratulations Worcester, MA!  But you may have snow til May.

This blue suit from Zara is fab, I wish I had somewhere to wear it!

From, how to look better on screen when you Skype!