What to Wear – Business Event

I had an event to go to for work Monday night and I didn’t want to wear a tired old suit so instead, I jazzed up a cute black jumper.  It was still conservative enough for the type of event I was attending, but it allowed me to add some flare and personality.  Here isContinue reading “What to Wear – Business Event”

Spring has ALMOST Sprung

Since Easter and Passover are early this year (end of March) I feel like things are getting “spring-y” earlier than normal.  And by “getting spring-y” I mean the stores already have their spring decor, clothes, etc… out for sale already. I can’t help but already be getting in a spring-y mood – here are someContinue reading “Spring has ALMOST Sprung”

Bacon Roasted Chicken and other Bacon Adventures

The perfect bite with a little of everything… We recently came into a lot of bacon so we needed a few recipe ideas other than “cook and eat.”  We came upon this recipe from All Recipes for Bacon Roasted Chicken with Potatoes.  It was obviously yummy (if it’s wrapped in bacon isn’t it a given)Continue reading “Bacon Roasted Chicken and other Bacon Adventures”

Couple Things…

We had a great week in this house: The gift I got my husband for Valentine’s Day finally arrived – 4lbs of Tennessee smoked slab bacon from Benton’s Smokey Mountain Country Ham.  And boy does this bacon have the smokiest flavor I’ve ever tasted!  And it’s very thick.  Obviously I’ll have a couple bacon-themed recipesContinue reading “Couple Things…”

Critter Animal Tops

My post on the J.Crew Sequins Bird Top got me thinking…critter sweaters and tees are everywhere right now.  I like the trend, it’s cute to have a little animal on the front of your top.  Of course I like the sequin birds top because it not only has a critter but a SEQUINED critter!  Here’sContinue reading “Critter Animal Tops”

What to Wear – J.Crew Sequin Birds Top

I have been obsessed with J.Crew’s sequin birds top since it came out. Sadly, it’s sold out online, but I found it on clearance (sale on sale) at one of their stores recently. I thought I’d put together an outfit based on this interesting tee. 1. J. Crew sequin birds top; 2. Madewell denim jacket;Continue reading “What to Wear – J.Crew Sequin Birds Top”

Soba Noodles with Shrimp and Edamame

We made Soba Noodles with Shrimp and Edamame the other night – yum!  We found the recipe from our Food Network magazine and it was fairly simple to make and is definitely easy enough for a quick weeknight Asian noodle fix. Make the sauce Cook your shrimp. Cook your soba noodles and shelled edamame. MixContinue reading “Soba Noodles with Shrimp and Edamame”

Couple Things…

I wanted to share some Valentine’s Day highlights from our house… We started the day with some heart shaped toast  and red roses!   For dinner I used this recipe for beet and goat cheese ravioli… they were really delicious even though it was quite the “labor of love” to make these because  I madeContinue reading “Couple Things…”