Monday Outfit

I am working all day and then meeting some friends for dinner tonight, so here is my work-appropriate outfit that can turn into an evening out outfit.  And I am back to a bold, red-based nail polish!

Have a great week!

Monday Outfit

Polka dot top
$80 –

Vintage jacket
$80 –

J.Crew cropped capri pants
$90 –

Miz Mooz platform sandals
$110 –

Essie nail
$8 –

Couple Things…

I hope you have a great weekend – the weather is supposed to be great around here, I can’t wait to get outside!

I can’t imagine spending this long setting up dominos that will just come crashing down!

Sometimes I really like a big-budget summer movie, my husband and I definitely want to get a sitter and see this when it comes out.

Bloomingdale’s unveiled their new Big Brown Bag app this week.

Another cute tea party idea…I guess I really have tea parties on the brain!

For my sister…

Cafe Capri

Ever find a pair of pants that fit you great without even needing to be altered at all?  Almost unheard of, I know…but here is that pair of pants for me…

J.Crew’s Cafe Capri.  First of all, the come in so many colors and we know how I feel about colorful pants.  Second, the fit is flattering and the length, for me, is perfect – hitting right above the ankle, below the calf, so flattering.  Third, I can wear them with flats to be more casual and they look great.  And I can wear the exact same pair with heels or a chunky wedge and they still look great.

They sell them for all sorts of price points with special fabrics and designs, but I like the good old classics, especially these ones in yellow.

Homemade Flower Card

I made a lovely flower card for my mom for Mother’s Day this past weekend but the card could really be used for any event at all – birthday, thank you, thinking of you, etc..

So simple with the following materials:

Just pick the 4 colors (or patterns) of paper you want to use – punch, tape, and stamp.  Then, voila!


PS. Did you notice the little bee stamp buzzing around the flowers?  That’s kind of my favorite part of the card…


After a lonnnnnng weekend of working an event I came home Sunday morning to the most amazing Mother’s Day Brunch and I wanted to share it with you.  It’s the perfect brunch for Mother’s Day or any other occasion for that matter…

First – the table centerpiece of lovely hot pink roses, photo above!

Second, a delicious homemade brunch of:

Grandma J’s crumb cake
Breakfast potatoes
Mini Crust less Quiche – here’s a similar recipe to what my hubby made
And a hot latte

Third, my favorite brunch company – cute husband and sweet baby girl. =)

Monday Outfit

It’s going to be rainy here today so I’m wearing my rainy day plastic ballet flats (similar to these) with a bright yellow shirt!  I am also back to neutral nails – for the moment…  Have a great week!

Monday Outfit

Sheer top
$38 –

Calvin Klein Underwear white top
$50 –

GAP slimming pants
$60 –

J.Crew skimmer shoes
$40 –

Essie nail
$8 –

Couple Things…

Happy Friday, here are a few interesting tid-bits I found this week…  I hope you have a great weekend and a lovely Mother’s Day!

I love looking at the photos from the Annual Costume Institute Gala…

I can’t wait to make these cookies for our baby girl’s first tea party!

This video is old, but I like Mindy Kaling, so I was interested to see what is in her closet!

This Mother’s Day card is just lovely…

I love this idea – design your own iPhone cover!

and these cookies would be such a nice Mother’s Day surprise!