salle de baine

When we moved into our home 2 years ago we knew project #1 would be gutting our upstairs bathroom (it was 100% 1950’s rose pink, we did that a year ago) and project #2 would be gutting our downstairs bathroom (it was 100% green and black, I affectionately called it our mint chocolate chip bathroom). Well – we have just completely finished project #2 so I thought I would share the details.

I always like to start a project with something as our aesthetic inspiration. For this project the inspiration was this really great map of Paris, which we had framed to look like a real piece of art. And thus our Parisian bathroom was born.

Then came the most difficult task of finding the sink and vanity. This bathroom is a long and skinny 1/2 bath, which made it impossible to find a standard vanity to fit. We went to Peabody Supply Company in Waltham and found the perfect vanity that we could customize to the right size. We love the very dark brown wood and brushed nickel knobs.

We picked a light speckled counter/sink to contrast the dark of the vanity.

The tile for the floor was the next find. We thought the greens and browns in this tile would coordinate nicely with the rest of the room.

Quickly after that we finalized paint colors – green on top and light brown on bottom (we knew from the start we wanted wainscoting on the walls for a rustic feel).

Then it all came together! My talented husband actually did all of the gutting, tiling, construction, plumbing, etc… himself, how impressive, don’t you think? I of course added a few finishing decorating touches and then, as they say…il était complet!

Here are a few of my favorite decorating highlights of the bathroom:

Non-traditional faucet
Soap dispenser with french writing
3-foot Eiffel tower
And here is the before – we had already started construction when this was taken.

5 thoughts on “salle de baine

  1. Sooo pretty! I LOVE that faucet! And I’m so impressed with you guys doing this yourself. We are incredibly way too lazy and I’m always in amazement of people who DYI and you guys did a fantastic job!


  2. Jess it looks absolutely gorgeous!! What a huge difference. I love th faucets as well and the subtle Parisian touch is very elegant. Nicely done you guys, you make yearn to have a place I can rip apart and redo!


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