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HELLO! I have been a bad blogger this week, I know… I’ve just been, well, super duper crazy giant pregnant. It’s been a week of exhaustion, pain, random contractions, and all sorts of other end-of-pregnancy fun. So! That said, I had every intention of sitting down and constructing a few posts but it just never happened – that time was spent catching up on sleep instead. But here I am at the end of the week with no new baby and a phone full of photos from our week SO I thought I’d still share my usual Friday post. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


We took Z to the aquarium on Sunday, she just loved the giant ocean tank and spotting the “fishies” and “tewtles.”

I walked into our downstairs French-inspired bathroom to find a bunch of princesses scaling the Eiffel Tower. #lifewithatoddler

Went to Target Monday morning to get the new Coldplay CD Ghost Stories (yes, I bought the CD, I didn’t download the album!). I have to say – I don’t love it! It’s a bit sad and ballad-y, what did you think?

I had some friends over Tuesday night to celebrate one of their birthdays. My Z and I made a lemon cake using this Martha Stewart recipe and a basic cream cheese frosting recipe.

I made a couple tiny cupcakes from the cake batter for Z and she topped them with ALL the candles…

…this was the end result after I got the candles back – it was SO good!

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  1. Mares says

    I was dying to hear what the new album was like… I trust your review! Although I did like “Magic” okay! Hang in there… Can’t wait to hear about baby J 2.0!

    • styledbyjess says

      A Sky Full of Stars is great too, but the rest honestly sounds like a sad dude losing his love…

  2. says

    Oh my…I laughed so hard at the Princess on the Eiffel Tower. haha!! That is so funny! That cake looks so good. love lemon cake. Have a great weekend. Hope you are feeling good too. I know the last few weeks of pregnancy can be difficult.

    Best, Mree

    • styledbyjess says

      I know – she was excited to fit all those candles into 2 tiny cupcakes – her face shows it all…

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